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A Happy Bridesmaid February 8, 2011

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So two of my bestest girlfriends are getting married in four months and I will be a  bridesmaid for both and part wedding planner for both. Although I don’t like admitting this loudly, I do love weddings. Simple weddings, ostentatious weddings, outrageous weddings – I love all of them. There is always that happy anticipation in the air, and all for an occasion that celebrates the commitment of two people who have chosen to love one another when they could very well fall for someone else (Love is a magical thing for a few years, maybe, but beyond that, it becomes more of a choice, which makes commitment very important).

The best part of any wedding ceremony for me is the bridal march, where you see the bride, in all her regal whiteness, walk down the aisle while a love song serenades everyone. I always try not to cry all over my dress during these times, but I always get teary-eyed at least. These people are in love, you know. Even though they may stop loving each other 10 years, 20 years down the road, you know at least  that on that day, on that hour, these people are in love. They are committing themselves to a lifetime of one another. Marriage after all takes courage; it is often a blind leap into an unknown sugar-coated as forever.

That, for me, is a huge, HUGE thing.

So to say that I am a happy bridesmaid is an understatement. Many girls grumble about being the perpetual bridesmaid and never the bride; but I always take on my bridesmaid role happily and excitedly. Of course I do want to wear a white gown someday and pledge my life to a worthy another, but this doesn’t make me any less happy being a bridesmaid.  I love helping my best girlfriends plan on one of the most memorable days of their lives. I like seeing them through to their happily-ever-afters. And while I always fancy wearing pretty bridesmaid dresses, the thing that makes me the happiest is being there with them at a time when they are presumably at their happiest.

Someday, one day, when I get to have my own happy ending, I do want them to be there for me too. Because that’s what best girlfriends do – happily taking on the role of bridesmaid or a wedding planner, or an impromptu coordinator and speaker when the other is a glowing, blushing bride. 🙂


Congrats and Best Wishes… June 21, 2010

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…to my brother Roro and his fiancee Carla. The wedding is a mere 4 days away and will be held in a beautiful old church in the city of Ormoc, Leyte.  Will be traveling to Cebu on Wednesday morning and then to Ormoc on the same day.

I just know I will cry at the wedding. Especially since Carla will be walking down the aisle while the choir, with piano accompaniment, sings Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk. I know I will cry because the stone church looks beautiful even in the pictures. I will cry beause my Dad won’t be there.  And I will cry because I’m such a cry baby to begin with, and because weddings always do that to me.

Enough with the crying. Now time for some champagne. 🙂


Wedding Bells!!! January 25, 2009

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My friend Maya is engaged to be married on the 7th of February to her long-time beau, Bryan. The ceremony and reception will be at the Eco Church and Pearlmont Inn, respectively.




The bridal shower will be held by the end of this month and fingers-crossed, it’s gonna be a blast. Best wishes gurl. Hope you and Bryan have a lifetime of bliss together! 🙂