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Thank You Sis! November 5, 2008

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Vampire Love October 28, 2008

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Several chapters into Twilight, I already wanted to fall in love with a vampire. Silly I know, and cheesy, and juvenile, and completely preposterous for someone my age. For the longest time, I have tucked my vampire fantasies under the bed, convinced that they are nothing but spawns of the devil, hostile bloodsuckers- and of course, a byproduct of imaginative fiction. Well, they still are. Fangs or no fangs, perhaps, I’ll always be a giddy schoolgirl- both an amusing and embarrassing thought– even when I reach my osteoporosis age.


One evening, I wanted Chad to play along. We were in the living room.

Me: Are you a vampire?

Chad: Yes.

Me: (slightly annoyed that he was nowhere near as elegant or as white as a vamp) Really? Well, you don’t look like one for sure. Vampires are pale. You’re too dark.

Chad: I am a vampire.

Me: I wish you were but you’re not.

Chad: I’m a burnt vampire.

I burst out laughing. There goes my romantic illusions.

Chad:  I followed you into the sun. And that’s why I changed complexions.

How Supremely Cheesy. I wanted to punch him, because I actually turned to mush. Instead, I leaned forward.

Me: Well, you smell to good to be a burnt vampire.

I meant it, of course.