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For the Love of Earrings March 5, 2010

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summer earrings

Today I was bitten by the shopaholic bug once more, and with the 5-hour power interruptions making me more antsy than usual, I fled to the air-conditioned malls for some comfort. I chanced upon these really cute pair of earrings at some boutique and after finding out how cheap they were, I purchased them without any second thoughts. I’m a real sucker for bargains (although I can be impulsive with some expensive items, too) and if the item is really cute, not a single second is spent on hesitation. I can imagine wearing this summery pair with a floral-printed sundress or a white tank top and a full skirt.

I can never run out of reasons why I love shopping for earrings. They update your look in an instant, add a touch of flair to an otherwise plain outfit, and they don’t cost much.ย  Of course some luxury earrings can set you back by a few thousands (talking about pesos here) but if you’re not planning on making any huge jewelry investments, shopping for earrings on any random day can be a natural high.

Assuming of course, you’re a shopaholic and a kikay fashionista like me. ๐Ÿ™‚


Wish I Owned an Entire Bookstore October 25, 2008

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I was at the mall today and finally bought Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Bookstores are always like sanctuaries to me, and I could lose myself for hours pacing aisle after aisle after aisle of books. There was a sale nook at National Bookstore, but I decided to scrimp on another day. I should have known; after all, I always find it difficult to leave a bookstore empty handed once I’m already inside.

I should not be surprised why most of my book purchases are done on impulse. When I enter a boutique, I can resist buying a new top, a handbag (well, some days), or a pair of shoes. However, every time I venture inside a bookstore, I always find it almost sacrilegious not to buy a book. Everything looks glossy and gleaming and beckoning. This, or the fact that I really am an impulse buyer by nature, and to curb my shopping guilt afterwards, I make it an unconscious point to visit bookstores instead. I mean how can you feel guilty when you have bought something which actually feeds your mind and not your inane vanity?

While I was at the mall earlier, I visited again the kiosk which sells the earrings I have coveted for like, months, and there they were, all pretty and distant. I had to restrain myself of course, seeing that I already shopped at the bookstore, quite unplanned.

Anyway, as I have always wanted to indulge myself in another Austen, I finally bought Persuasion. As for the Meyer book, I have no expectations of it but am counting on the fact that it is a bestseller and that there’s a movie coming to theaters sometime next month. Plus, I have always loved Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, so I’m hoping I’ll love Meyer’s fiction just as much.

As much as I have vowed not to buy any new book unless I finish reading Eco’s Island of the Day Before, I just keep breaking my promise. If I follow my vow religiously, I think an entire year will pass before I read another fiction. I have no idea why but this Eco book is like sleeping pills to me. Seriously.

I think I’ll read Twilight first. Hopefully I’ll be done by the time the movie hits the cinemas. And if I do like the book, nothing will keep me from buying the rest of the three books of the entire saga. Even if it means putting off buying the lovely earrings for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚