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My Bestie is Engaged! August 25, 2010

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happy birthday, congratulations, and best wishes Atty! Love, love!


So, so so! We turned out to be right! My best friend in the whole wide universe who is also celebrating her birthday today got engaged last night. After seven years, she finally got the rock! Well, before we start thinking about the bridal shower and the stress that usually comes with wedding preparations, there is a birthday party/engagement party to be enjoyed later at the Philtown Hotel, so it’s going to be easy breezy for a while.

Plus I’m thinking of having our very own engagement party at the house, just us, besties, minus M of course, who is in New Zealand and won’t be coming home until May (in time for the wedding, I hope, fingers crossed!) of next year. Well there’s also F, one of our high school BFFs whom we’ve seen only this May after 8 years or so, and is now back in New York. Back to the house party. We’ve been planning on homemade cheesy-beefy lasagna, my famous strawberry-banana float (my personal fave :-)), and some nacho chips with sweet corn salsa. Perhaps, some margaritas too!


white gold and a diamond


With the way I’ve been jumping up and down last night, you’d think I was the one who got engaged. But no, not anytime soon, I think I still haven’t gotten over how wonderful being single and independent actually is. But I’ve always been a sucker for sappy engagements and happily-ever-afters, especially with friends whose love stories and love dramas I got to hear over and over again, so I guess my jumping-up-and-down-excitement is pretty excusable.

Love, love. Nothing is more magical. 🙂


Searching for a Wedding Theme? Go Bali! October 27, 2009

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Last week, the family was invited to attend a Bali themed wedding party at the Country Village Hotel. The simple wedding ceremony was held at a secluded chapel, in the hilly areas of the city. While the ceremony was simply routine, the after wedding party was anything but.


beuatiful asian lanterns

Arriving early at the reception, we were able to appreciate the well-planned Balinese setting.  There were Asian lanterns hanging from the draped ceilings, and the lighting was subdued enough to bring out a romantic yet festive atmosphere. Happy, pulsating Balinese drum beats greeted us as we arrived at the venue, so it was difficult to feign excitement. I almost wanted to hop and grind in my orange summer dress! LOL.

Bali drapes

drapes and summer hats

As you can see there were also lighted palm trees, which were strategically scattered all throughout the venue. To add a bit of privacy to the outdoor setting, drapes were hung, but these were also ingeniously tied with native summer hats for that authentic and exotic beach feel.

Pretty girl

Me in my Bali summer dress

That’s me, taking a pose beside the cupcake tower and the dainty fondant wedding cake. I donned an orange and fuchsia number, with a cinched waist. The hunt for the perfect summer dress began since the time I received the invitation.  Of course, any occasion presents the perfect excuse to add another dress to my wardrobe, so I was more than happy to begin my search. The search ended when I found this pink-strapped orange dress at Mags.


roses, mums, lilies

Okay, roses are not exactly too-Balinese, but what wedding is complete without roses? It’s a good thing that Malaysian mums, ferns, and some orchids and lilies were added into the flower arrangements, so as to create a more eclectic, less formal feel. The roses came in yellows, peaches, and whites, while the mums were either bright pink, white, or orange yellow.


roses and candlelight

And I should tell you how I adored the table settings. Each table had more than three candles, an exquisitely arranged floral bouquet, rounded stones, and smaller pebbles that remind you of beaches and glorious sunsets. The tables were just the right size, so they were both cozy and intimate, seating only about six to seven people each.


the view by the poolside

The venue was right by the pool moreover, and with the sound of the Balinese drums and the pull of the exotic ambiance, it was easy to forget that we were partying in a small hotel within the city of Cagayan de Oro.



Finally, I should say something about the desserts. I think every wedding should have delectable, mouth-watering desserts. Well, these sweet treats are nothing fancy, just a few chocolate and coffee cupcakes with butter icing, cheese squares, Chantilly bars and tarts, but they were served profusely and were delightful to the taste buds.

The wedding was one of the most fun celebrations I’ve been in; there were none of the strict formality and stiffness prevalent in many traditional weddings, and everybody came to have a good time. The emcee captured everyone’s attention with her crisp voice and effortless segues. The girls came in their cute summer dresses while the guys were dressed down to their short-sleeved polos, light-colored slacks, and loafers or sneaks.

Nonetheless, there was elegance to be seen everywhere – from the lights to the flowers and from the dainty desserts to the first-class photography. It was a happy affair, which is what every wedding after-party should be.

To Jojo and Charise, may you stay in love, for life! 🙂


Pink Juicy Fantasies February 1, 2008

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474091.jpg The Juicy Couture City Girl Flower Purse. The bag that will totally put all the chocolates and roses to utter shame on Valentine’s Day. Give me this purse, and I’ll love you forever. If I had not accepted my latest project on writing ad campaigns for a U.S. website that sells designer handbags, I would not have known this kind of torment. Anything pink somehow gets to me, no matter how I try to struggle with it, and the velvety terry cloth material is like soft puppy cheeks. Then, the rose appliqués are oh-so-romantic, while the leather and gold chain handles downplay its saccharine sweetness.

Well, back to work. Perhaps if I take enough projects I’ll probably be able to increase my PayPal account, and then I can splurge on girlie luxuries such as these. Until then, I’ll sip coffee, take afternoon baths, sleep at early dawns, and write my hedonistic torments away.