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Freak Accident on a Friday January 9, 2011

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AndroidHeel from

Freak accidents are the scariest. Especially one that had you stepping into the dull end of a bamboo skewer so that the sharp, deadly end pierces into your right foot as you take an unknowing step forward. Then a sharp, shooting pain runs from your foot to your knee and you get a sudden headache in all of five seconds, you just want to crumple on the ground and cry.

So that’s what happened to me on a Friday, two days ago, as I was rushing for first Friday Mass from the park to the cathedral. And the foolish me had been to confident to presume that bamboo sticks are just bamboo sticks, and well, I didn’t pierce myself with some rusty metal, did I? So all I did was to clean the mess with some tissue I found in my purse until only a small puncture wound was visible. Some minutes later I washed the outer areas of the wound with ethyl alcohol and proceeded to visit a friend, who’s just undergone surgery at the hospital and laughed with other visiting friends, as if I’ve not a single care in the world.

As I was already heading home though, the pain in my foot got more excruciating by the second. So much so that I could barely walk from the block leading to our house. And when I got home and Mom found out I had not taken myself to the hospital (I did go to the hospital, stupid me!) for first aid, I finally understood the gravity of the situation. I almost passed out from the pain and begged to be taken to the ER not five minutes after having arrived home.

So that’s the story of my freak accident and my stupidity. Some of the most delicious food on the planet are cooked or served on bamboo skewers – kebabs, barbecues, grilled chicken, grilled plantains with butter and sugar, fried sweet potatoes, juicy hot dogs! I even used to play with these seemingly harmless things in my childhood! And then I step into one and hurt myself so bad, I can’t imagine eating spicy barbecue ever again.

So this serves as a word of caution to everyone. If you get pierced by a bamboo stick anywhere, especially one that’s filthy and all, go to the ER immediately for antibiotics and anti-tetanus shots, if you haven’t had any. Don’t be stupid or presumptuous. The pain is almost unbearable and for my women folks, even worse than your worst day of dysmenorrhea (I hope that paints a clear enough picture).

I hope and pray my foot gets better. I look forward to wearing my favorite platforms and sneakers and high heels again.



Stressful Week! Get Well Soon Mama! August 26, 2010

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Kristin Hansen Lagattuta/UC Davis drawing

Just when I thought this week would involve nothing but work and celebrations, I ended up spending a better part of it at the Capitol University Medical Center, after Mom got confined last Wednesday for hypertension. Now that was some scare. The jokes life sometimes plays on us are anything but hilarious. Staying at the ER for hours because her blood pressure would not stabilize was  like being trapped in a loony bin for days. Screaming here and screaming there. One patient was writhing in pain due to gall stones and another one was screaming his lungs out for heaven-knows-what. And the ambulance transport was one of the most hellish rides ever, both figuratively and literally, as they did not have air-conditioning. So much for rising blood pressures!

I was off work for two days now, and probably will be off work tomorrow as well, which is a Friday, and here’s me hoping and praying that we’ll be home by then. I still cannot stand hospitals and emergency room dramas, even one as luxurious as the CUMC, and I absolutely hate coming home to an empty house during the evenings, when my sister would sit in for me at the hospital so I could get a good night’s rest for an entire daughterly duty the day after.

Today I spent the entire day at the hospital, watching television, reading, assisting Mom with her meals and other personal stuff, running errands, receiving visitors, and gazing out the window where I could see an expanse of blue sky and clouds, later turning gray, wishing I were someplace else. Then it occurred to me that not all days turn out to be sunny, no matter how much we want them to be all dappled in sunlight and smelling of roses, so I guess I should not complain.

I just wish we were back home. I wish I’ll never see Mom in that hospital bed ever again, at least not for a very long time, and I wish I could see her busying herself in the garden again or tinkering with anything in the kitchen. And these days, of all days, I wish I had someone who would hold my hand and give me tight hugs, assuring me everything was going to be alright, someone who would crack jokes just when my eyes would begin to glaze over with tears, and tell me that I don’t look exactly pretty when I cry.

Today of all days, I missed being someone’s princess. But hey, princesses often get spoiled, and I don’t want to be a rotten fruit ever again. If I could find someone who can tame me without spoiling me then I’d gladly hand my independence over. Sometimes I wish it was anywhere between 2004 to 2008 all over again, those four years when I had everything I could have ever wanted, only I was too foolish and too arrogant not to choose what really mattered. And yeah, I allowed myself to get really rotten, that’s how stupid I was. 🙂

The one thing I hate about getting a really good scare is that it’s easy to turn mushy and sentimental all of a sudden, realizing how flimsy life can be, and for all its fleeting glory, sometimes, it’s not always about what you do with life that matters. “Sometimes, it’s also about who you’re with when you’re doing it.”

Not that I hate being independent and all. It’s just that it’s nice to let your guard down for once, and show the world how soft and small and vulnerable your heart really is, most sunless days.


Songs That Take Me Back September 8, 2009

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Second post for tonight. Am sleepy but couldn’t resist blogging. Anyway, as I was reading and drinking my smoothie in my secret cafe today, Phil Collin’s You Can’t Hurry Love began playing on the CD. It’s a happy upbeat song, but during that late afternoon, I think the song was played just for me.


You Can’t Hurry Love

I need love, love
Ooh, ease my mind
And I need to find time
Someone to call mine;

My mama said
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
She said love dont come easy
But its a game of give and take
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes

How many heartaches must I stand
Before I find the love to let me live again
Right now the only thing that keeps me hanging on
When I feel my strength, ooh, its almost gone

I remember mama said
You cant hurry love
No youll just have to wait
She said love dont come easy
Its a game of give and take
How long must I wait
How muck more must I take
Before loneliness
Will cause my heart, heart to break

No, I cant bear to live my life alone
I grow impatient for a love to call my own
But when I feel that i, I cant go on
Well these precious words keep me hanging on


Now love, love dont come easy
But I keep on waiting
Anticipating for that soft voice
To talk to me at night
For some tender arms
Hold me tight
I keep waiting
Ooh, till that day
But it aint easy (love dont come easy)
No, you know it aint easy

My mama said
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
She said love dont come easy
Its a game of give and take…


And then as my friend and I were having dinner (after our one-hour jog) at some outdoor chicken grille restaurant, a song from England Dan and John Ford Coley came blasting from the speakers.

Yes mon cheri, I do miss you, wherever you are, and I’d really love to see you tonight.


I’d Really Love to See You Tonight

Hello, yeah it’s been awhile
Not much, how ’bout you
I’m not sure why I called
I guess I really just wanted
To talk to you…

I was thinking maybe later on
we could get together for a while
It’s been such a long time
and I really do miss your smile…

I’m not talking ’bout movin’ in
and I don’t want to change your life
but there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around
and I’d really love to see you tonight…

We could go walkin’ through a windy park
take a drive along the beach
or stay home and watch T.V.
you see it really doesn’t matter much to me…

repeat chorus**

I won’t ask for promises
so you don’t have to lie
we both played that game before
say I love you then say goodbye…

I’m not talking ’bout movin’ in
and I don’t want to change your life
but there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around
and I’d really love to see you tonight…


Off to bed now.


Squashed… August 31, 2009

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Mister Cow, photo by sis :)

Mister Cow, photo by sis

…excitement that is. Today is a national holiday, which means that people are free to take a day off work. With my freelancing job, everyday can be a holiday, but national holidays do have their perks. My friends and family are off work during these days, so we are all technically free to enjoy some  R and R, from sun up to sundown. Since I finally bought myself a new black tankini, the plan was to spend the night swimming at the Marco Hotel hot pool, devouring junk fares, and maybe grabbing a bite or two at the hotel’s resto. But, but. This morning I woke up to horrible abdominal cramps and of all the days during the month, my period just decided to make an appearance this morning.

So went kaput my premature excitement. The night swimming trip was canceled, and I had to stay home reading, fiddling with the PC, and watching the last episodes of True Blood on DVD. These things normally amuse me of course, but when you’re suffering from stomach cramps and back aches and dreaming of a warm pool, there is nothing exciting about reading a book or Facebooking.

Hopefully, the night swimming plan on Friday pushes through, so I can finally try the much talked about hot pool for myself.


Retail Therapy: Converse Sneakers August 21, 2009

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converse-one-star-ox-2Because I have been feeling a bit blue and bruised lately, I decided to pamper myself this holiday weekend. Actually, I have long been putting off buying myself a new pair of sneakers, convinced that my favorite black and pink Nike’s is going to last for another year or so. However, however, I sighted a pair of Converse One Star Ox sneakers for women on sale this afternoon. The pull was too irresistible for a hopeless shopaholic like myself,  so after a few minutes of haggling (with no success, because the item was already on sale!) I finally made the purchase. The sneakers  is actually made from suede leather, done in a rich beige color, with a little orange star as an accent. I’m kind of eyeing the white leather Converse as well, with dainty pink lines and stars on either side. Hmmm, maybe on my next visit very soon.

Why the sudden fixation with sneaks? I don’t know. I just want to try something different for now. The other week, I cropped my hair to a bob cut. Wearing sneaks, baby tees, and sling bags had been my standard outfit the summer after I graduated from college, when I finally felt free and independent, and totally in my element. Now that someone is messing with my heart, I want to feel the same kind of power and freedom as I did before, cropped hair, jeans, sneaks, and everything in between.

Actually, I don’t care about emptying my savings account and going berserk at my favorite shops and boutiques. A broken heart sometimes does that to you, you know.  😦


The Littlest Heart August 18, 2009

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I don’t miss him, I miss the person I thought he was.


So… August 14, 2009

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… I went to the dentist today and almost lost consciousness. The pain had felt like someone was pulling your jaw bone out. It’s a good thing thought it did not persist for more than 5 seconds. Still, I am quite embarrassed to admit today that I almost bawled my eyes out on the dental chair. But as a 27 year old adult pain is no excuse for crying (OH WOW, did I just write that?). My next appointment is still 2 weeks away, but already I am dreading it, as if the next jaw-pulling horror is gonna happen in the next hour or so. 😦