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Finally! September 19, 2010

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Done with all of the GLEE Season 1 episodes! Can’t wait to watch Season 2 where Charice Pempengco will play Sunshine Corazon,  a Filipina exchange student whose vocal prowess could very easily rival that of Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry. Diva cat fight, this I gotta see!

But for now, my little heart is in a dilemma. It’s torn between Puck and Jesse St. James.

Puck, pucker up and kiss me quick! Hotness!

This is Puck, played by actor Mark Salling, the bad-ass Glee member slash football player who gets to kiss almost every girl in campus, including Rachel, and even Mercedes! How lucky can you get Mercedes! :p

Oh Jesse! Why did you have to break Rachel's heart?

And this here is the divine, the dreamy Jesse St. James, played by stage actor Jonathan Groff, the male lead for the biggest rival of New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline. There is something very, very sexy about those tousled locks and those eyes! But yeah, Jonathan Groff admitted he’s “gay and proud” (seriously, I WANT TO THROW A FIT! :-(). But let’s pretend for a while that he’s straight. Gay Groff or or straight Groff, Jesse St. James is still swoon-worthy.

So who’s hottah, Puck or Jesse?