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After the Heavy Rains February 11, 2009

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imageshouse1Our house has been under renovations for the past weeks. Since the day of the flash floods about a month ago, renovation plans have been underway, which included repainting, re-tiling, and redecorating the house. The repairs were done out of necessity – the house looked decades older after the flood waters ravaged the floors, walls, and a few of the built-in cabinets – but somehow, we also did not want anything to remind us of the horrible ordeal, which had us sleeping in a hotel the first night, as all the beds and pillows were soaked in murky, foul-smelling flood waters.

Hopefully, by the time the renovations are done, we shall have added a few decorative touches here and there, so that nothing of the past nightmare will ever haunt us again. Well, I really hope so. Each time the rain persists for hours, I now find it hard to sleep, silently cursing the clogged drainage systems, deforestation and quarrying activities, and the oh-so-smug city officials who think placing Cagayan de Oro under a state of calamity is going to be enough. Um, excuse me, but there are grave issues here, and we can’t afford to have another deluge drown this city before you all start taking action. Thankfully for us, no major appliance or piece of furniture has been damaged. My flood casualties had included a few old handbags, some newly bought fashion magazines, a DVD player, a love letter, a USB, and other trinkets.

So. I think the repainting will begin this week, and I’m thinking of choosing a shade less predictable than white. Taupe, maybe? Or corn yellow, perhaps?

One thing is for certain, though – I want the house to look sunshiny and bright, happy and resilient- all the things that a home should be, even after the heavy rains.


Only in the Philippines November 25, 2008

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It is only in the Philippines that Christmas trees are put up as early as November, in anticipation of the holidays. After Halloween, we started shopping around for Christmas-y stuffs to fill the house with, and within two weeks, the ubiquitous pine tree was dressed up in flowers, silver orbs, and lights. With the Philippines being a tropical country, we can only do with plastic pine trees, though. Well, this one looks beautiful enough but I bet real pine trees smell better.