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Shopaholic Santa December 14, 2008

u13431350My feet are killing me. I have just spent an entire Sunday scouring the malls for Christmas gifts. And the tragic thing is, I’m not even done yet! I have found stuffs for the picky brother, three friends, and five god-children, but I still have to pick something for Mom and for sister dear, for the boyfriend, and for most of my hilarious friends.

Plus, I’m still debating whether to bake cupcakes or cookies to fill my Christmas take-home pouches with. Perhaps I should try Nigella’s Chocolate Pistachio Fudge. Hhmmmm. Now, where is that recipe?

Then there is the pasta and dessert I need to prepare for the dinner on Christmas Eve, which is actually Plan A. Plan B is opting for catered food, arranging them on a Christmas-y plate, and snoring the entire time before dinner. Haha, fat chance.

I’m giving myself a shopping deadline by next weekend, which is only three days away from Christmas Eve. Oh, well. Remind me to chug down a few bottles of energy drink, so I’ll breeze by the actual holidays looking all calm, poised, and unruffled.


Only in the Philippines November 25, 2008

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It is only in the Philippines that Christmas trees are put up as early as November, in anticipation of the holidays. After Halloween, we started shopping around for Christmas-y stuffs to fill the house with, and within two weeks, the ubiquitous pine tree was dressed up in flowers, silver orbs, and lights. With the Philippines being a tropical country, we can only do with plastic pine trees, though. Well, this one looks beautiful enough but I bet real pine trees smell better.