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Skin Art Love January 6, 2011

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This is what usually happens when you have hugely creative and wildly talented artists for friends. My friend, Angela turned my face into a canvass of sorts and painted a beautiful peacock feather on its left side, while Odessa snapped some photos before, after, and in between.

We did this session just because we felt like doing it, and also because I’ve very recently fallen head over heels in love with the peacock. I even got myself a few peacock cocktail rings for the holidays, and had chosen a peacock pattern for my artsy shoes. And one day, if I get married (and I hope with my whole heart that I do :0) I want to have A Greek-Mediterranean theme and wonderful peacock colors for my wedding – turquoise or teal, violet, and gold. So, anyway.

The inspiration for this face painting session had been this:

And our attempts resulted in this:


smirk, smirking


Hmmm. Not too shabby. But yeah, remind me to pick up some glitter paint next time to wake up my eyes. 🙂


... and now smiling!

Have a happy and colorful 2011 y’all! 🙂


The Bumblebee July 17, 2009

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For the past months I have not been able to update my blog as much as I want to.  In fact, I am writing this entry in a whiz, since I need to finish 2 1000-word articles on credit cards and mutual funds and 10 250-word articles on apartment rentals all due tomorrow morning.  I’m already on my second cup of coffee, but I think it’s not helping much right now. So I had to take a breather, and write this entry, albeit in haste.

My schedule had been so full lately that I hardly ever have time to catch a new flick at the theaters or to indulge in lengthy readings. With my current schedule of work, belly dancing sessions, evening jogs, baking classes,  general sewing classes, shopping trips with friends, and out of town excursions, getting to read a book without interruption is no longer an indulgence I can afford.

Since the summer, I have been taking belly dancing classes, twice a week. The classes are so enjoyable, I’m having such a grand time doing hip circles, hip drops,  and snake arms. Mondays are reserved for ballroom- belly dance, while Wednesdays are for the sexy striptease belly dancing.  Fridays are my favorite, since we get to dress up and wear fancy belly dancing belts for the traditional Indian belly dance. I’ve lost a few pounds just swaying my hips to pulsating music, and best of all it’s a fun, sexy way to shed off the extra weight! I usually attend these belly dancing classes with Carla, although I have also met some fun and feisty female friends there, from 30-year old moms to 50-year old grand moms.

I try to vary my workouts with jogging sessions, although lately the rain has been keeping me indoors. The Pelaez jogging oval has undergone quite impressive renovations recently, and many yuppies are now venturing out of their air-conditioned offices to run a few miles on the jogging track. My jogging buddies used to be Doris and Jessica, two of my closest friends way back in college. Since Jessica has recently gotten pregnant and Doris is reviewing for her IELTS exams, I have not been back on the jogging oval again, except maybe once or twice, when my sister dragged me to jog with her on wet, 8 o’clock evenings.

As if all these are not enough, I am also a baking student for this semester. The classes are held only on Saturdays, although the sessions last for 4 hours each. My weekends have become sweeter than usual, and by Monday I find myself already missing the warm, addictive smells of butter, vanilla, milk, and sugar.

 Sunday afternoons are reserved for sewing classes, which lasts for about 4 hours or so. A frustrated fashion designer, one of my adolescent dreams was to get handy with the sewing machine and maybe design dresses and bags.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped right in and without hesitation. This weekend we were tasked to make our own hobo bags, so I’m really thrilled. Soon I’ll buy my own sewing machine and finally get to practice, practice, practice. This is sooo Project Runway and I love it!

I’m also planning to enroll in Mandarin classes, but I can’t see how I’m going to fit it right into my already-hectic schedule. My sister knows someone who handles Chinese language classes, so if I’m lucky, I might find an hour or two from my busy weekdays and squeeze in some time learning a new language.  I know this will come in handy if I ever I decide to work out of the country one day, particularly in any of the countries in Asia.

So there. Just a few updates on what has been going on with my young and restless  life. I feel bad that I am not taking care of this online journal and my blogspot account as much as I used to, but I’m hoping I’ll find the time to do so in the following months.  I can’t make promises right now however, since once of my friends is crazy about spur-of-the-moment road trips during weekends and another has offered to teach me the basics of oil painting soon.

More details next time, I promise. 🙂