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Pursuits February 2, 2010

~ love and freedom ~




I have only one pursuit for this year:

To start on the rest of my life. 🙂




For this year, I only have two pursuits:

1. Live without expectations

2. Love without fear and condition.

(well, maybe to travel more,  write a few sensible pieces, get a shapelier figure, learn Adobe Indesign and Photoshop, get better at photography, try oil painting, and to follow my heart song. )




In the spirit of the new year, I am working out a few things I need to finish within the next 360-day deadline. While I don’t expect to do justice to every single one of these without a bit more effort on my part, here’s me hoping I’ll greet the next year with a much bigger, prouder smile on my face. Tink, I really need more pixie dust this time… 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Work more, sleep less.

2. Drink less caffeine, chug down more water.

3. Shop only for things you intend to use at least three times for the year. If it looks pretty but unwearable, drop it like a hot pancake. This includes bags, dresses, shoes, and accessories.

4. Feed the pink piggy bank in the closet, which has been on a morsel diet for almost a year now.

5. Get rid of the love handles: Slow down on the rice, pig out on fiber. eeekkk :()

6. Enroll in a gym or finally give in to Carla’s invitation to an aero-dancing class. Or run at least thrice weekly.

7. Read a good novel at least once per month. So this translates to at least 12 books for the entire year. No cheesy romances or chick lits please.

8. Go back to writing stories and poetry.

9. Travel. So this means saving money for travel.

10. Enroll in a web design/Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Indesign course, before summer.

11. Go easy on French fries. One stick is supposedly worse than a stick of cigarette.

12. Stretch. As Baz Luhrmann would have it.

13. Learn to eat with chopsticks ever so elegantly.

14. Crave less for ice cream. Start a yogurt campaign. Oy!

15. Start a serious blog, with adverts and PPCs, Adwords and what-have-yous.

16. Get drunk.

17. Finally decide on a graduate course and enroll after the summer. Please!


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