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Resolutions of an Impulsive Shopaholic Part 2 September 12, 2010

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Three years ago I made a confession about my being an impulsive shopper, or in worse terms, an impulsive shopaholic. Freedictionary defines a shopaholic as someone who shops compulsively or frequently. In my case, I tend to shop frequently and impulsively, hence impulsive shopaholic. I’m sensing you get my point, yesh?

So that being said, I have a few more resolutions to make. In the first blog entry I wrote about making resolutions on my impulsive shopping habits, I remember having resolved to buy only books during mall trips, nothing else. No frilly top, structured handbag, or a nice pair of butterfly earrings. This resolution worked under the premise that books always make excellent investments, no matter that they are bought impulsively. Of course, I will have to update my wardrobe now and then (After all, who wants to be seen in the same dress on three different occasions? A bit of accessorizing, and full-blast shopping, can go a loooong way), but if I should feel the need to shop without thinking, it will have to be books, books, and books.  After all I can re-read them anytime I want, recommend them to friends and lend them for reading, and use them to fill up my living room bookshelf, which my future home should not be without.

This time however I am resolving to put a halt to my impulsive shopping tendencies, period. Even my book purchases will have to be planned, and if I do want to shop on impulse, I will have to do so at the nearest Book Sale bookstore and not in any of the branches of National Bookstore where a single paperback can easily cost me a little less than 500 pesos. At the Book Sale, I can buy second-hand copies of good books at 100 pesos or even less. One time, I was able to get a copy of The Secret Life of Bees at only 50 pesos. In the course of a few months, I have almost tripled or quadrupled my book collections. There are many newer titles which the Book Sale doesn’t have however, so I will still need to shell out a bit for my NBS or PowerBooks and Fully Booked trips. But on impulsive days, at least I won’t be 500 bucks poorer and then spend an entire week wishing I could kick myself in the butt. Books are always great investments but I don’t have to buy a new one when I still have some credit card bills to worry about!

Last week, I spent some days cleaning my closet and discovered a few handbags which I have stored in black garbage bags for safekeeping. Some of them were from 3 or 4 years ago, and are still in very excellent condition. Just because I was in the mood for some cleaning, I checked out my shoe boxes too and realized that I actually have a few pairs which haven’t seen the light of day in years. Cute suede loafer with kitten heels, some pointy black denim flats, and patent wedges. Now why do I need to buy some new shoes when I still have a few slightly-used pairs sitting around and gathering dust? Wow. I sound like the most practical shopper in the world. :p

After some rumination, I decided to put a halt to my unreasonable shopping binges for now and let my frugal side take over. And yes, this frugal fashionista’s blog has inspired me to stay below budget and maybe save a few pennies for the not-so-sunny days. Who knows, maybe I can save up enough for that dreamy Europe trip I’m hankering after, and a visit to Dennise’s place in Germany where she’s promised to take me biking and go flower picking. Ah, daydreams.

Indeed who says being fashionable has to be expensive? Recession chic is the norm, and well, why not join the fad while it’s hot?


The 5 Essential Handbags Every Girl Must Have July 30, 2010

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Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and bananas. Girls and handbags. Some things are just better together.

More than a simple fashion accessory, women use handbags to hold their daily essentials, from lipstick and powder to cellphone charger and iPod. You can never have too many handbags, especially if you have a bag fetish, but maxing out your savings each time you see a handsome carry-all or a glittering clutch bag at some boutique is definitely not a strategy for the smart, fashionable shopper.

If you love bags but don’t have the heart (or the money) to make regular purchases, it’s best to stick to the basics. Nonetheless, basic doesn’t have to mean boring. The key is knowing which purses to pick and which ones you can forego for another day – or another payday. 🙂

Here are the 5 essential handbags every smart girl should have:

1. A leather satchel in any dark color

Leather bags may be a bit on the expensive side, but fine leather can last for years, which reads: long-term savings. You can always go for black leather handbags, but brown, dark blue, and dark gray are also great color choices. You can carry this handbag for the office, during corporate meetings, or even just as a sophisticated everyday carry-all.

2. A white handbag

Personally, I think every girl should have a white handbag. It doesn’t have to be made from leather, although crocodile leather and soft, buttery Italian leather are always great, durable choices. A white canvass handbag can be easily paired with jeans or a flirty summer dress, while a white leather purse is  a better fit for more formal affairs.

What’s best about a white handbag is that it doesn’t take much for you to be able to work around it. Headed to the mall? Why not put on a white printed tee, skinny jeans, a pair of white flip flops, a pair of shades, and sashay out of the house with a cute white handbag on your arm? It surely won’t take more than a smile to achieve that understated, casual-sophisticated look.

3. A black clutch bag/ evening bag

A black clutch bag is a must for parties, short trips to the mall, or when out with your girlfriends to margarita night. You can also pick any color like brown or blue, or to experiment with your taste by picking out clutch bags in brighter shades and exciting prints. Wrist bags are variations of clutch bags, so if you don’t feel like holding on to your clutch bag for long hours, the wrist bags will leave both your hands free for virtually anything.

4. A bright colored handbag

To break the monotony, it’s also a good idea for you to own a handbag that speaks volumes. A bright colored handbag, whether in yummy yellow, pink, or green shades, will surely turn heads and transform your getup from blah to unforgettable. You can also pick handbags with interesting prints, like the Prada satchel above. I personally love wearing my yellow crocodile leather hand bag during the summers, pairing it with my favorite slip-ons or sexy thong sandals.

5. An overnight bag/traveling purse

A traveling handbag is most essential, especially if you’re set to go on out-of-town trips or even on simple overnight stays at a friend’s house. Space and compartments are important for any traveling carry all, so make sure you choose a hand bag spacious enough for your day and night essentials, cell phone and other gadgets, plus a change of underwear and a few clothing items. A well-compartmentalized bag will allow you to store all your belongings in an organized way, so go for bags with extra inner pockets and zippered wall pockets.

So there you have it, the five essential handbags every smart and fashionable girl should have. Of course, you can always add a purse or two to your collection, and treat yourself to a new purchase every now and then. Any girl can never have too many handbags, but remember that a smart shopper always knows a good choice each and every time!


Lakwatsa + Stress = Flu. On a Monday. March 15, 2010

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Lakwatsa is a Visayan slang for outing or short trips, and this is what I have been doing for the past week or weeks. If I am not out running at the sports oval with friends after working hours, I am at the mall doing some window-shopping (actual shopping if the temptation is too strong for a shopaholic like myself), and during weekends I am scouting for bargains at thrift stores and flea markets ( a genuine leather bag, a lovely dark blue chiffon and lace top, and a peasant blouse with crochet detailing, all for 100 pesos each), and heading off to the swimming pools with friends and family for some weekend R&R.

The 5-hour daily blackouts are reason enough for me, I deduce, to venture out of the house almost on a daily basis, when otherwise I’d be very much content to just stay home and finish my pending assignments, read my books, try out my new coffee maker, and spend hours watching DVD movies (Sherlock Holmes and the Blind Side, I’ve yet to watch) and TV series (Glee!). But how can I when the house is too dark, too eerie, too humid for comfort? Or when I can’t even turn the PC on? Thus, lakwatsa.

But there is such a thing as having too much, and I think I’ve had too much lakwatsa and much less sleep for that matter, so now I’m down with the flu, all drowsy and lethargic. But today’s a Monday, which means I have tons of work waiting for me, and that no matter how delicious and dreamy my bed seems, I cannot just roll over and curl up as if I have not one care in the world.

So back to work. But before that, here are some photos of the previous weekend, mostly at Chali Beach Resort, where we spent the afternoon and the early evening swimming and dining and laughing and having a pretty good time.

the lobby


tree lamps


For the Love of Earrings March 5, 2010

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summer earrings

Today I was bitten by the shopaholic bug once more, and with the 5-hour power interruptions making me more antsy than usual, I fled to the air-conditioned malls for some comfort. I chanced upon these really cute pair of earrings at some boutique and after finding out how cheap they were, I purchased them without any second thoughts. I’m a real sucker for bargains (although I can be impulsive with some expensive items, too) and if the item is really cute, not a single second is spent on hesitation. I can imagine wearing this summery pair with a floral-printed sundress or a white tank top and a full skirt.

I can never run out of reasons why I love shopping for earrings. They update your look in an instant, add a touch of flair to an otherwise plain outfit, and they don’t cost much.  Of course some luxury earrings can set you back by a few thousands (talking about pesos here) but if you’re not planning on making any huge jewelry investments, shopping for earrings on any random day can be a natural high.

Assuming of course, you’re a shopaholic and a kikay fashionista like me. 🙂


Me Time August 14, 2009


A week ago today, on a Friday, I treated myself to some ME time. Of course, I get to have a lot of alone time when working, especially since research and writing is basically a solitary profession. I also love my home and my bedroom, and I spend a lot of time during the evenings tinkering on anything I fancy- from a new novel to an old charm bracelet that needs a bit of polish. For anyone, these little things take up enough solitary time, devoted primarily to the fancies of the self.

But I realize, it had been quite a long time, years maybe, since I gave myself some alone time out of the house. I was constantly with friends, the boyfriend, and family every time I would sample a new resto or cafe, or when I’m out hunting for sales and bargains at malls and flea markets, or during my trips out of the city. Lately, I was always out with a bunch of people: grade school friends, bubbly girlfriends, my noisy family, etcetera, etcetera. The busy-ness of late has left me with very few indulgences, especially those which I get to do alone. I am a social creature, and I do crave the company of good friends almost all the time, but there are times when I just want to get away from everything and to witness life through my own lens.

Suddenly I found myself missing the slow days and chilly nights in Malaybalay, where I would read for hours in a quiet cafe or order my usual beef teriyaki dinner at some roadside restaurant during 8 o’clock evenings. I suddenly missed the heady, giddy thoughts of meeting that special someone at the bus stop after a few hours, and get to walk the silent streets at night while holding hands.Those have been the sweetest of times. 🙂

Pushing those romantic memories aside though, what I missed the most was my independence and anonymity. In that small provincial city, I knew only a few people. It was kind of lonely yes, but those were the most indulgent times of my life. And now that I’m back for more than a year in the city where I grew up in, I found myself missing being alone, if only for a while.

So. It was last Friday when I ventured out of the house at past 3 in the afternoon, and settled  into some neat cafe downtown, bringing along two books, one a short story compilation and the other, a cheesy, schmaltzy romantic novel. I ordered a tall glass of blended lemon iced tea and linguine pesto with lots of olive oil. I ate without hurry, read my books slowly, and paused every now and then to look at the busy streets outside the cafe glass walls. I also allowed myself  a few thoughts and daydreams every now and then, and to smile occasionally at the people who would walk in and out of the cafe.

It was already dusk when my phone rang. It was Carla, asking for directions. She was heading to my dentist’s clinic, where she had a late afternoon appointment. After answering her call, I left the cafe, walked a bit,  and did some shopping at the nearest mall. Then my phone rang again. I told Carla I was at the mall, and would she like to join me? She was happy to; my brother who is her boyfriend had some exclusive all-boys party to attend to. So we spent the rest of the hours hunting for bargains, eating fastfood, and chatting.

That ME time really did me good, and although my good friend soon joined me after a few hours, it did not really matter. There are still so many late afternoons to look forward to. Whenever I feel the sudden need to just be by myself, I can always pack with me some new books, get holed up in a fragrant cafe, and pretend for a while that I’m visiting some far off city where I don’t know anyone.


Shopaholic Santa December 14, 2008

u13431350My feet are killing me. I have just spent an entire Sunday scouring the malls for Christmas gifts. And the tragic thing is, I’m not even done yet! I have found stuffs for the picky brother, three friends, and five god-children, but I still have to pick something for Mom and for sister dear, for the boyfriend, and for most of my hilarious friends.

Plus, I’m still debating whether to bake cupcakes or cookies to fill my Christmas take-home pouches with. Perhaps I should try Nigella’s Chocolate Pistachio Fudge. Hhmmmm. Now, where is that recipe?

Then there is the pasta and dessert I need to prepare for the dinner on Christmas Eve, which is actually Plan A. Plan B is opting for catered food, arranging them on a Christmas-y plate, and snoring the entire time before dinner. Haha, fat chance.

I’m giving myself a shopping deadline by next weekend, which is only three days away from Christmas Eve. Oh, well. Remind me to chug down a few bottles of energy drink, so I’ll breeze by the actual holidays looking all calm, poised, and unruffled.


Wish I Owned an Entire Bookstore October 25, 2008

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I was at the mall today and finally bought Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Bookstores are always like sanctuaries to me, and I could lose myself for hours pacing aisle after aisle after aisle of books. There was a sale nook at National Bookstore, but I decided to scrimp on another day. I should have known; after all, I always find it difficult to leave a bookstore empty handed once I’m already inside.

I should not be surprised why most of my book purchases are done on impulse. When I enter a boutique, I can resist buying a new top, a handbag (well, some days), or a pair of shoes. However, every time I venture inside a bookstore, I always find it almost sacrilegious not to buy a book. Everything looks glossy and gleaming and beckoning. This, or the fact that I really am an impulse buyer by nature, and to curb my shopping guilt afterwards, I make it an unconscious point to visit bookstores instead. I mean how can you feel guilty when you have bought something which actually feeds your mind and not your inane vanity?

While I was at the mall earlier, I visited again the kiosk which sells the earrings I have coveted for like, months, and there they were, all pretty and distant. I had to restrain myself of course, seeing that I already shopped at the bookstore, quite unplanned.

Anyway, as I have always wanted to indulge myself in another Austen, I finally bought Persuasion. As for the Meyer book, I have no expectations of it but am counting on the fact that it is a bestseller and that there’s a movie coming to theaters sometime next month. Plus, I have always loved Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, so I’m hoping I’ll love Meyer’s fiction just as much.

As much as I have vowed not to buy any new book unless I finish reading Eco’s Island of the Day Before, I just keep breaking my promise. If I follow my vow religiously, I think an entire year will pass before I read another fiction. I have no idea why but this Eco book is like sleeping pills to me. Seriously.

I think I’ll read Twilight first. Hopefully I’ll be done by the time the movie hits the cinemas. And if I do like the book, nothing will keep me from buying the rest of the three books of the entire saga. Even if it means putting off buying the lovely earrings for a while. 🙂