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Resolutions of an Impulsive Shopaholic Part 2 September 12, 2010

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Three years ago I made a confession about my being an impulsive shopper, or in worse terms, an impulsive shopaholic. Freedictionary defines a shopaholic as someone who shops compulsively or frequently. In my case, I tend to shop frequently and impulsively, hence impulsive shopaholic. I’m sensing you get my point, yesh?

So that being said, I have a few more resolutions to make. In the first blog entry I wrote about making resolutions on my impulsive shopping habits, I remember having resolved to buy only books during mall trips, nothing else. No frilly top, structured handbag, or a nice pair of butterfly earrings. This resolution worked under the premise that books always make excellent investments, no matter that they are bought impulsively. Of course, I will have to update my wardrobe now and then (After all, who wants to be seen in the same dress on three different occasions? A bit of accessorizing, and full-blast shopping, can go a loooong way), but if I should feel the need to shop without thinking, it will have to be books, books, and books.  After all I can re-read them anytime I want, recommend them to friends and lend them for reading, and use them to fill up my living room bookshelf, which my future home should not be without.

This time however I am resolving to put a halt to my impulsive shopping tendencies, period. Even my book purchases will have to be planned, and if I do want to shop on impulse, I will have to do so at the nearest Book Sale bookstore and not in any of the branches of National Bookstore where a single paperback can easily cost me a little less than 500 pesos. At the Book Sale, I can buy second-hand copies of good books at 100 pesos or even less. One time, I was able to get a copy of The Secret Life of Bees at only 50 pesos. In the course of a few months, I have almost tripled or quadrupled my book collections. There are many newer titles which the Book Sale doesn’t have however, so I will still need to shell out a bit for my NBS or PowerBooks and Fully Booked trips. But on impulsive days, at least I won’t be 500 bucks poorer and then spend an entire week wishing I could kick myself in the butt. Books are always great investments but I don’t have to buy a new one when I still have some credit card bills to worry about!

Last week, I spent some days cleaning my closet and discovered a few handbags which I have stored in black garbage bags for safekeeping. Some of them were from 3 or 4 years ago, and are still in very excellent condition. Just because I was in the mood for some cleaning, I checked out my shoe boxes too and realized that I actually have a few pairs which haven’t seen the light of day in years. Cute suede loafer with kitten heels, some pointy black denim flats, and patent wedges. Now why do I need to buy some new shoes when I still have a few slightly-used pairs sitting around and gathering dust? Wow. I sound like the most practical shopper in the world. :p

After some rumination, I decided to put a halt to my unreasonable shopping binges for now and let my frugal side take over. And yes, this frugal fashionista’s blog has inspired me to stay below budget and maybe save a few pennies for the not-so-sunny days. Who knows, maybe I can save up enough for that dreamy Europe trip I’m hankering after, and a visit to Dennise’s place in Germany where she’s promised to take me biking and go flower picking. Ah, daydreams.

Indeed who says being fashionable has to be expensive? Recession chic is the norm, and well, why not join the fad while it’s hot?


For the Love of Earrings March 5, 2010

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summer earrings

Today I was bitten by the shopaholic bug once more, and with the 5-hour power interruptions making me more antsy than usual, I fled to the air-conditioned malls for some comfort. I chanced upon these really cute pair of earrings at some boutique and after finding out how cheap they were, I purchased them without any second thoughts. I’m a real sucker for bargains (although I can be impulsive with some expensive items, too) and if the item is really cute, not a single second is spent on hesitation. I can imagine wearing this summery pair with a floral-printed sundress or a white tank top and a full skirt.

I can never run out of reasons why I love shopping for earrings. They update your look in an instant, add a touch of flair to an otherwise plain outfit, and they don’t cost much.  Of course some luxury earrings can set you back by a few thousands (talking about pesos here) but if you’re not planning on making any huge jewelry investments, shopping for earrings on any random day can be a natural high.

Assuming of course, you’re a shopaholic and a kikay fashionista like me. 🙂


Shopaholic Santa December 14, 2008

u13431350My feet are killing me. I have just spent an entire Sunday scouring the malls for Christmas gifts. And the tragic thing is, I’m not even done yet! I have found stuffs for the picky brother, three friends, and five god-children, but I still have to pick something for Mom and for sister dear, for the boyfriend, and for most of my hilarious friends.

Plus, I’m still debating whether to bake cupcakes or cookies to fill my Christmas take-home pouches with. Perhaps I should try Nigella’s Chocolate Pistachio Fudge. Hhmmmm. Now, where is that recipe?

Then there is the pasta and dessert I need to prepare for the dinner on Christmas Eve, which is actually Plan A. Plan B is opting for catered food, arranging them on a Christmas-y plate, and snoring the entire time before dinner. Haha, fat chance.

I’m giving myself a shopping deadline by next weekend, which is only three days away from Christmas Eve. Oh, well. Remind me to chug down a few bottles of energy drink, so I’ll breeze by the actual holidays looking all calm, poised, and unruffled.


Wish I Owned an Entire Bookstore October 25, 2008

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I was at the mall today and finally bought Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Bookstores are always like sanctuaries to me, and I could lose myself for hours pacing aisle after aisle after aisle of books. There was a sale nook at National Bookstore, but I decided to scrimp on another day. I should have known; after all, I always find it difficult to leave a bookstore empty handed once I’m already inside.

I should not be surprised why most of my book purchases are done on impulse. When I enter a boutique, I can resist buying a new top, a handbag (well, some days), or a pair of shoes. However, every time I venture inside a bookstore, I always find it almost sacrilegious not to buy a book. Everything looks glossy and gleaming and beckoning. This, or the fact that I really am an impulse buyer by nature, and to curb my shopping guilt afterwards, I make it an unconscious point to visit bookstores instead. I mean how can you feel guilty when you have bought something which actually feeds your mind and not your inane vanity?

While I was at the mall earlier, I visited again the kiosk which sells the earrings I have coveted for like, months, and there they were, all pretty and distant. I had to restrain myself of course, seeing that I already shopped at the bookstore, quite unplanned.

Anyway, as I have always wanted to indulge myself in another Austen, I finally bought Persuasion. As for the Meyer book, I have no expectations of it but am counting on the fact that it is a bestseller and that there’s a movie coming to theaters sometime next month. Plus, I have always loved Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, so I’m hoping I’ll love Meyer’s fiction just as much.

As much as I have vowed not to buy any new book unless I finish reading Eco’s Island of the Day Before, I just keep breaking my promise. If I follow my vow religiously, I think an entire year will pass before I read another fiction. I have no idea why but this Eco book is like sleeping pills to me. Seriously.

I think I’ll read Twilight first. Hopefully I’ll be done by the time the movie hits the cinemas. And if I do like the book, nothing will keep me from buying the rest of the three books of the entire saga. Even if it means putting off buying the lovely earrings for a while. 🙂


Seven Holidays per Week January 15, 2008

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Today I went to the bank to claim my cyber account card. Finally I got it, which means there’s definitely no way I’m not gonna get paid for all my written works. Then I went to the mall for my grocery shopping. The good thing about not having a structured job is that you can make everyday a weekend or a holiday. For the first time, I actually enjoyed grocery shopping. Today is a working day so the supermarkets were somewhat deserted. Browsing through the aisles was like being in a peaceful library. There were no annoying shoppers who would bump you with their heavy carts. No obnoxiously loud couples who would argue like they were just inside their bedrooms. No horribly long counter queues, no aisle traffics, no toddlers who would suddenly scream because their mommies won’t buy them those extra soft chocolate chip cookies. Believe it or not, I went through every aisle, checking out the items even though I would not actually buy all of them. It was like having a huge pantry all to myself. Ah, the beauty of solitude amidst such pleasures.

Indeed, having an office desk and a blinking computer inside gray walls is a very dangerous way to view the world. A two- day weekend is definitely never enough, I should know it, because I’ve been there and back. And the early Monday morning rush is not something to look forward to. It’s true, making a living does not run in parallel with having a life. But for most of us idiots who know nothing else, making a living is the closest we’ll ever gonna get to having a life. Again, little wonder why there are so many unhappy souls in this world.

Let’s hope I’m not speaking too soon here. Because somehow, the idiots are the people I love, and genuinely care for my future whether I want them to or not. Who knows, maybe I’m an idiot underneath- having a structured job, short weekends, annoying bosses, well-connected officemates all equates to a perfect life. Maybe, ten years from now, I’ll look back and remember the idealistically foolish and headstrong girl who wasn’t strong enough to find, and to fight for her rightful place in the world. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll wither and grow wrinkles after spending a youthful life inside gray, air-conditioned walls, faking smiles to people I’d rather give a piece of my mind to. Because in this country and age, idealism does not always work. It may work, but not without tear and mucus stained tissues, frustration after frustration, and people thinking you’ve gone entirely mad.

Why can’t every day be a holiday? Because if truth be told, people deserve all the holidays they can get. I know I deserve it, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I’ll start my new year by treating myself to seven holidays per grueling week. 🙂


Resolutions of an Impulsive Shopaholic October 8, 2007

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I am presently reading Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and Other Stories, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This is my first reading of Flaubert, my second for Kafka and Austen, and hopefully before this month is over, I shall have finished all three books. I have made the resolution to purchase new books at least once every two months, and if my funds fall short, consider borrowing some from the café across the street, whose owners have a decent collection displayed on shelves. I have just realized that if I can spare money for new clothes or new bags, or my periodic visits to the salon, I can spare some for new books, too.

Last Saturday, Sora, Estee, and I set an afternoon rendezvous at some mall café, and as usual I was the first to arrive. Some minutes into my waiting, I was becoming fidgety and bored, and starting to hate the fact that I kept on glancing at my cell phone every ten seconds. So I left my table and started to walk through some of the shops.

At the center of the mall, a pageant was held that afternoon and a small crowd had gathered facing the stage. It was a search for SUPERMOM 2007, or something like that, and I was momentarily amused that these mothers were sauntering down the stage in sparkling bridal gowns, living out perhaps, their deepest fantasy these days: to be the blushing brides they once were. I passed by the spectacle shaking my head, and checking out my cell phone for the millionth time.

My friends were still stuck in the middle of traffic, and out of increased boredom, I went inside a bookstore and bought a new book without a second thought, even when I had no initial plans of buying anything whatsoever that afternoon. There goes again my compulsion for buying anything that strikes my fancy every time I’m bored to tears. The last time my friends had been late for our afternoon merienda; I bought a new top and a skirt without hesitation, as if I was planning such a purchase for weeks. Last year when my boyfriend and I were having one of our weekly spats, I took refuge in a bookstore and bought an Umberto Eco book, which I have yet to finish reading until now, for five hundred painful bucks. And more than once, I shopped for bags in a downtown boutique, a spur of the moment kind of thing, simply because I was too fed up with work and wanted some kind of release.

I ended up giving the skirt to another friend because I never found reason to wear it, and the bags, well; I ended up having too many bags in my small closet. But when I bought Madame Bovary last Saturday, I felt victorious at having chosen to buy a piece of literature; which is something more timeless than a piece of article subject to the caprices and dictates of erratic fashion. Finally, a purchase that will sit by my bedside table for many years to come, one with a quality that will never depreciate ( if I cover it properly or if it doesn’t get wet or burned), something which I may be able to share with my future children and grandchildren over steaming cups of dark chocolate long years from now (not necessarily Madame Bovary, though). Someday, I know I would get to finish Island of the Day Before by Umberto Eco, after so many useless attempts. The fashion victim in me has given up, and the voracious reader has willfully taken over, after considerable rumination.

Hopefully, I’d be able to fill up my library in no time.