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Skin Art Love January 6, 2011

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This is what usually happens when you have hugely creative and wildly talented artists for friends. My friend, Angela turned my face into a canvass of sorts and painted a beautiful peacock feather on its left side, while Odessa snapped some photos before, after, and in between.

We did this session just because we felt like doing it, and also because I’ve very recently fallen head over heels in love with the peacock. I even got myself a few peacock cocktail rings for the holidays, and had chosen a peacock pattern for my artsy shoes. And one day, if I get married (and I hope with my whole heart that I do :0) I want to have A Greek-Mediterranean theme and wonderful peacock colors for my wedding – turquoise or teal, violet, and gold. So, anyway.

The inspiration for this face painting session had been this:

And our attempts resulted in this:


smirk, smirking


Hmmm. Not too shabby. But yeah, remind me to pick up some glitter paint next time to wake up my eyes. 🙂


... and now smiling!

Have a happy and colorful 2011 y’all! 🙂


Pink Juicy Fantasies February 1, 2008

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474091.jpg The Juicy Couture City Girl Flower Purse. The bag that will totally put all the chocolates and roses to utter shame on Valentine’s Day. Give me this purse, and I’ll love you forever. If I had not accepted my latest project on writing ad campaigns for a U.S. website that sells designer handbags, I would not have known this kind of torment. Anything pink somehow gets to me, no matter how I try to struggle with it, and the velvety terry cloth material is like soft puppy cheeks. Then, the rose appliquĂ©s are oh-so-romantic, while the leather and gold chain handles downplay its saccharine sweetness.

Well, back to work. Perhaps if I take enough projects I’ll probably be able to increase my PayPal account, and then I can splurge on girlie luxuries such as these. Until then, I’ll sip coffee, take afternoon baths, sleep at early dawns, and write my hedonistic torments away.