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What’s In a Name? November 10, 2007

I am more than my name.

My parents named me Aimee for no apparent reason. One day they said I share the name of a former President’s daughter. She is a candidly clever character, they supposed. Then growing up, I used to share this name with an affectionate gorilla from fiction, and this I was never too cheerful about. So I began to rummage around for a more agreeable meaning behind my name and came to discover that it is actually a French derivation of the English Amy. And even more curiously, that my name in French means woman, beloved.

But I am more than my name. These pages tell you I am not always loved. These pages tell stories of a magical childhood, and how many things turned to grayer shades after that. That there are days I step on shit all the time. That I can love and hate with the same ferocious intensity. That I can be a sweetheart and a bitch in one convoluted sentence. That I feed on fairytales to keep me sane, cry on bus rides for no plain reasons, feast on laughter with a ravenous appetite.

These pages speak of madness, truth, madness. That I have always lived in secret worlds, all this time.


May 22, 2008, Cagayan de Oro


6 Responses to “What’s In a Name?”

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your website and I like it a lot!. Are you a Filipina? Because you look like one.

    I am a Filipina living in the UK at the moment. Hope you can visit my humble blog.


  2. ana Says:

    fantastic writing! saan ka writer para pwede ko abangan ang mga write ups mo. I do enjoy reading your articles. Keep it up!


    • Aimee Says:

      Thanks Ana! Appreciate it. I have another blog, do visit it soon, it’s at

      I usually do technical writing and research for a number of websites, but as I am paid to write for them, I don’t get to keep a byline or to retain rights to the articles.

      Do visit this blog anytime you like. I’m glad you like my ramblings, hehe 🙂

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

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