Saccharine Irony

This site is a compilation of fluid thoughts, a collection of poetry, random glimpses of humor and tragedy, spontaneous notions of an extremely sensitive mind.

About This Filipina September 16, 2010


This Filipina lives inside her head most of the time.

Saccharine Irony is where her thoughts take shape, sensible or otherwise.

She has a love affair with books and the wide, open skies.

She worships the sun but the rain is her friend, too.

She likes to take photos and to pose in them. She wants to be able to sew her own clothes someday. Sometimes she wishes she’d taken up interior design or architecture, and then laments that she couldn’t even draw anything.

She is awed by art and all the artists of the world.

She has a special love for anything charming: white summer dresses, frozen margaritas, frosted cupcakes, black and white photos.

She is a writer by profession.

She is a curious cat.

Her favorite part of the house is the kitchen. The smell of vanilla and melted butter are, for her, among the best smells in the world.

She likes to belly dance, go hiking in the afternoons, and swim when the moon is out.

Someday she’d like to sleep out under the stars. She can stare at them forever.

She has fallen in love once and would want to fall into rapturous foolishness again.

But now her dreams come first.

Perhaps one day.


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