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Everything Chocolate on Chinese New Year January 25, 2012

Filed under: Food — Aimee @ 12:42 pm

A few days after the Chinese New Year celebrations, I finally decided to update this long-dormant blog. My last blog post was from June of the previous year; a few days before two of my besties got married only nine days apart. After all the wedding-related stresses I finally had time to wean myself off my stupid diet and to get back to the usual daily grind. But I immersed myself in so many things all at the same time (which is so characteristic of me, what else) – work, baking experimentation, supervising house renovations, MA studies, volunteer work  – that the only time I had left was for bathing and sleeping (meals had to be devoured OTG or On The Go). I loved the craziness and the busy-ness of course, but  I figured  it could not go on forever. So now while waiting for new projects from my very good boss and while exam week is finally coming to a close, I finally found some downtime to do the things I love, with real indulgence.

So on Chinese New Year, which was declared a national holiday on January 23, I thought about going the sweet and indulgent route, not wanting to commemorate the day buying or frying the traditional glutinous stuff known as Niangao or Chinese New Year’s cake. From around here, the stuff is better known as tikoy, which Chinese stores sell by the boxes.

I had some new flour from last Christmas and a huge dark sweet chocolate bar and some powdered cocoa too, so Moist Chocolate Cupcakes was the order of the day! Topped with chocolate butter cream ganache, the cuppies were heavenly.

After about 20 minutes in the oven and after spreading the ganache I readied the little darlings for a photo shoot. Splintered almonds added a nice contrast to the light brown ganache.

But I was a bit bothered by the ganache; too runny when topped on the cupcakes, and no other directions were given from the recipe other than to spread them so I was worried about having done something wrong in the first place. So I scooped the remaining buttercream ganache into a plastic container and forgot about it in the fridge for an entire day.

One day later, and I was spreading beautifully textured ganache on these moist chocolate cupcakes! I don’t know why I never even thought of chilling it for a bit in the fridge, but that solved the runny-ness altogether. I think leaving it in the fridge to set for about an hour or two is good before frosting the cupcakes with them.

A few splintered almonds and a 30-year old Japanese plate later, I was able to take a really pretty picture in natural light.

Now I’m sipping Chinese green tea to balance out the day’s overwhelming sweetness.

Happy New Year, people. 🙂


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