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Muffin Lurve October 5, 2010

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So what is it about bananas that’s got me so hooked lately? Or more precisely what is it about bananas and chocolate that makes me want to camp out in the kitchen all day? Chocolate is best paired with almost anything – strawberries, pancakes, mallows, etc. But when paired with bananas, the taste and aroma are almost orgasmic.

Okay, okay. So last weekend I decided to try out a new recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins. There was a reunion due on Sunday and Mom was bugging me to make another loaf of soft and fragrant banana cake for some weekend grub, so how could I say no? Nowadays, almost anything will serve as an excuse for me to head out to the baking supplies store and shop for chocolate chips, butter, and some new flower-printed muffin liners.

I’ve never had a banana chocolate chip muffin before so I did not know how the muffins would turn out. Surprisingly they came out really good and tasted heavenly! I should have known; after all banana and chocolate had always been one of the most quintessential culinary pairings.




these muffins are to die for, no exaggerating 🙂



The lovely muffins got rave reviews at the reunion where I brought a dozen, and most of my lovely friends found themselves asking for seconds. Of course, this pastry chef wannabe is flattered, and has even made the foolish promise of bringing some chocolate cherry cupcakes for the next reunion, due on early November. Now banana is ubiquitous this side of the planet, but cherries? And the recipe calls for Morello cherry jam.

Time to hit the groceries and go hunting for the best substitute for Morello cherry jam. I now have a reputation to uphold you know. :-p


2 Responses to “Muffin Lurve”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Mmmm naibog ko sa imong mga baked goods!
    I would like to try some!

    I used to bake a lot for Josh when he was still living nearby. As in, every week jud. Grabe sya ka spoiled. Now, I have no one to bake for, so I rarely do. Alangan ako ra’y sige’g kaon. However, I am looking for recipes for things that I could send to him… i.e. cookies and other goodies that won’t spoil during shipping.

  2. Aimee Says:

    when you come visit or when i come visit, we definitely should have one of our baking sessions. hehe!

    bitaw you can bake him some oatmeal cookies para healthy diba… or some brownies which are none too sweet. ako kay i bake a lot pero sila diri sa house ang ga hurot hehehe. the aroma and the baking itself are enough for me. and i get to practice in the kitchen too, knowing what works and what doesn’t ( ie, bread dough should be moist and more milk means softer, more moist dough), so i’m more than happy to be domesticated for now and smelling like eggs and butter all the time lol

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