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Oktoberfest, Honeymoon Babies, and Gratitude! October 20, 2010

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So, October is really my month! September was all about hibernation and domesticity- baking, reading, DVD marathons, and other slow-paced stuffs- but for this month, the chaos is back! Girlfriends have been ringing me left and right, am back to my old shopaholic self (yeah, but smarter this time. :p), and there’s a birthday  party by the last weekend that need a little bit of planning. *wink*

It’s a good thing I have a weekend of respite for this month, which I will be devoting entirely to my spirituality and faith, and this will be on the weekend before my birthday weekend. I could not ask for more; this has got to be one of the best birthdays ever. Well, except that my heart is still lonely in some places. But we’ll get to that later. For now, life has been looking up, and my heart could definitely burst out in gratitude. It’s definitely far from a perfect story – the protagonist can be klutzy and emotional sometimes and the happy ending is not anywhere visible on the horizon, yet- but the story is moving forward, and that’s all that matters. For now.


An interesting trivia: Honeymoon babies are real. My parents married on the 30th of January and exactly nine months later, on the 30th of October, 28 years ago, this honeymoon baby greeted the world in small piercing screams. Yeah, just saying. 😀


27 Things I Did and Learned On my 27th Year October 12, 2010

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In a few weeks I will be turning 28.

The past year had been stormy, heartbreaking, gratifying, and liberating all at the same time. I had my share of heartbreaks, learned a few things, accomplished some, and made a few worthwhile discoveries along the way.

Before I turn a year older, I would like to share a few things which had made me a year wiser – these are nothing more than the ramblings of a girl who lives inside her head most of the time – and some things which afforded me a few laughs here and there. So here goes.

I spent my 27th year…

1. attending my high school 10th year reunion.

2. learning how to swim.

3. dressing up for three weddings – my brother’s included.

4. learning that decent guys are a rare breed.

5. hoarding books.

6. visiting the melancholic mountains again, after two years.

7. trying to forgive myself. 🙂

8. hitting the jogging oval during summer afternoons.

9. attempting to get drunk. Beer and margaritas, anyone?

10. allowing myself some spiritual growth.

11. baking! Muffins, cupcakes, sweet rolls, and chocolate desserts.

12. helping organize my best friend’s wedding.

13. meeting up with friends for coffee/hot chocolate/tea and very deep conversations.

14. learning that mothers are not perfect, but you can love them with your whole heart anyway.

15. wishing I could spend a week in Europe.

16. failing to attend at least one of two very important weddings of two of my girlfriends, held on the same date, with the same color motif, but oceans and miles apart. 😦

17. making new friendships and deepening old ones. Though I have to say that some friendships have gone sour, too.

18. going out on a date, flirting with a player, and discovering that pointless dating, flirting, and playing are just that – pointless. (!)

19. hoarding summery, frilly tops. It’s perpetually summer in the country when there are no rains.

20. obsessing over my skin. When you’re nearing thirty you better have some strict skin care regimen to keep those pores from expanding and those dark eye circles from magically appearing during odd snapshot moments. (Wait, did I just say thirty? How did I get so old all of a sudden? :-()

20. witnessing drunk girls striptease-ing at some lousy bar for some lousy prize money. The things that alcohol makes you do, tsk.

21. going gaga over Glee!

22. trying to keep my weight down. I’d like to think I’m doing good. Bye bye McDonalds!

23. curbing my shopaholic tendencies.

24. wanting to be a pastry chef.

25. allowing myself a good cry when I need to.

26. Facebooking and blogging. Haha.

27. discovering, through Paulo Coelho, that true freedom is not a place, a hobby, or a person. “The true experience of freedom is having the most important thing in the world without owning it.”

Happy birthday to me. 🙂


A Cup of Coffee A Day Chases the Blues Away October 11, 2010

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So here is the equation:


beware of that fin!


Cold weather/rainy days + Wedding proposals by Facebook friends published all over the site + Work that’s getting more boring everyday + Chronic indecision as to which career to settle for + No one to hold hands with = DEPRESSION.

This is pathetic.

So first off, the rainy weather. Last Friday, some parts of the city had been submerged in ankle-deep rainy water and if the thrashing rains had not stopped on time, our neighborhood may have been subjected to another flooding, the third time in less than two years. Depressing and frustrating all in one breath.

So second part of the equation: wedding proposals all over Facebook. So I’ve written about how thrilled I was about my best friend getting the engagement rock on her birthday. But then, everyone else started getting the virus, and now, if people are not getting engaged or getting married (my brother got hitched mid of this year, and a baby boy, my first nephew, is set to come out in January or February), they are having babies. And then it took me a whole minute to realize that I will be turning 28 in less than a month. No boyfriend now, so definitely no engagement on the horizon, and certainly no wedding and babies due anytime soon. Not that I’m actually looking forward to getting married, not at all. I can’t imagine being a wife to anyone right now, and I’ve promised myself to fulfill something first before agreeing to any form of romantic relationship with anyone. It’s just that, well, weddings are so lovely and babies are so cute. Now, I’m even more depressed. :p

Third part of the equation, boring work. I love writing yes, but this homebased stuff is getting stale. I need to get out asap, and I’m setting my deadline on the first month of the following year. Fingers crossed and twisted this time.

Fourth part, never mind. I actually know which career I want to settle in, it’s just that the career I really want is somewhere in the greater metropolis. So, it’s going to be strong heart for me this time and lots of Kleenex for when I leave home again.

Fifth part of the equation: no one to hold hands with. Well, see lengthy explanation on the second part of the equation. That explains everything and then some.


But then I had coffee, and now I’m smiling again.

And now that I’m feeling better, I’ve realized that the soft pitter-patter of rain is really nothing to get wired up about. And that choosing to stay single after a very painful break up is one of the bravest and wisest things I’ve done for myself. I don’t feel incomplete in any way, so why rush the next love story? (If truth be told I still want the same love story, but that’s another story on another day. :-))

For the longest time I never gave myself much credit about being strong and independent, but I continue to surprise myself everyday. Thank you Lord, for giving me a small but resilient heart!

(But yeah, it’d be nice to hold hands with someone once in a while… more coffee please!)





Pining for Dresses October 10, 2010

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For the past months or so, I never had any occasion to wear some cute party dresses. No weddings, no cocktail parties; just casual weekends with friends who are content to lounge around in jeans, nice tops, or shorts and sandals. Just saying. I actually miss dressing up. And summer is still too far away. One of these days, I would try hitting the kitchen with my rubber scraper and mixing bowls while wearing a summer dress. Now that would be fashionable insanity. :p



cutesy rubber scrapers! and that gorgeous apron could pass for a boho-chic summer dress. and, need i say more on those lovely locks? (from



Who would have thought… October 9, 2010

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that I could bake bread from scratch, dough kneading and all, and actually get decent, edible (LOL!) results? For the longest time, I wanted to serve fresh bread for breakfast, with jams or eggs or cheese, and more than anything, I also wanted to knead dough on my own. During my baking class last year, we had to do this sweet roll recipe by groups, so the effort had been more or less collective. And since then I’ve wanted to try the recipe again, except that I never got around to buying yeast and never got the time and the audacity to try baking bread on my own.


these rolls are made for eatin'

But I tried, and I baked, and now there are about two dozen fresh sweet rolls in the kitchen! They taste good, with the cheese and the butter, and the egg wash making them all nice and crisp and golden, but next time I plan on adding more milk, to add more moisture and softness to the dough. But this first, single-handed attempt at baking bread and serving them for breakfast the following day is already a feat for me. Yay. Today I wish I had a pizza oven so I can start making home-made gourmet pizzas. Daydreams! 🙂


Muffin Lurve October 5, 2010

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So what is it about bananas that’s got me so hooked lately? Or more precisely what is it about bananas and chocolate that makes me want to camp out in the kitchen all day? Chocolate is best paired with almost anything – strawberries, pancakes, mallows, etc. But when paired with bananas, the taste and aroma are almost orgasmic.

Okay, okay. So last weekend I decided to try out a new recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins. There was a reunion due on Sunday and Mom was bugging me to make another loaf of soft and fragrant banana cake for some weekend grub, so how could I say no? Nowadays, almost anything will serve as an excuse for me to head out to the baking supplies store and shop for chocolate chips, butter, and some new flower-printed muffin liners.

I’ve never had a banana chocolate chip muffin before so I did not know how the muffins would turn out. Surprisingly they came out really good and tasted heavenly! I should have known; after all banana and chocolate had always been one of the most quintessential culinary pairings.




these muffins are to die for, no exaggerating 🙂



The lovely muffins got rave reviews at the reunion where I brought a dozen, and most of my lovely friends found themselves asking for seconds. Of course, this pastry chef wannabe is flattered, and has even made the foolish promise of bringing some chocolate cherry cupcakes for the next reunion, due on early November. Now banana is ubiquitous this side of the planet, but cherries? And the recipe calls for Morello cherry jam.

Time to hit the groceries and go hunting for the best substitute for Morello cherry jam. I now have a reputation to uphold you know. :-p