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Going Bananas! September 27, 2010

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soft and moist and fragrant and delish!

Blame it on Under the Tuscan Sun and Frances Mayes’ knack at creating some of the best recipes from whatever is available in her Italian kitchen. Blame it too on one Facebook app that had me baking and selling pastries and desserts in my humble virtual cafe: Cupcake Corner.

For the past weeks I’ve been attacking the kitchen and giving in to my baking inclinations like I’ve never done before. First I got to baking two layers of beefy lasagna topped with dried thyme and rosemary for my brother’s birthday, and then I took out my loaf pans and muffin pans a week later for some carrot-pineapple loaf cake and carrot-pineapple muffins.

Last Sunday, I was restless and staring at the PC did not cheer me up as usual, so I headed to the kitchen again to try my hand at baking a banana loaf cake for the first time. Some 45 minutes later and a very messy sink, my banana cake came out from the oven looking and  smelling like heaven. The cake was moist but firm, fragrant, and absolutely delicious. I added about six to seven ripe lacatan bananas to the flour and oil mixture, so I guess that explains the aroma. Everyone at home loved it of course.

I have been wanting to bake bread for a long time, hence the planned fresh sweet rolls with cheese, but I haven’t been able to score some yeast, yet. And I’m actually leaning on the possibility of making moist chocolate cake with ganache frosting next. So it will be yeast, butter, loads of baking chocolate bars, and some milk on my next grocery shopping trip. And yeah, some super-ripe bananas and chocolate chips too, for my banana-chocolate chip muffins.

Oh, the kitchen is making me go bananas and I’m so not complaining! 🙂


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