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Currently Reading… September 20, 2010

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… Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. Picked this up a few months ago but it’s taking me forever to finish. Not that I don’t like the book, (I actually love it), but reading this book makes me wonder what the heck am I doing with my life. Frances Mayes is a writer, a gourmet cook, a travel writer, and at the time of the writing of this book, chronicling her love for Tuscany, Italy and the restoration of an old 3-story stone house, works for a prestigious American University. This girl has everything I love!

So I’m savoring each page, sometimes days at a time, certain in my heart that one day I’ll be traveling the hills of Tuscany and basking in its glorious sun. Or if that is just wishful thinking, at least I will have to pursue my love for writing, spend more time in the kitchen (I still need to learn how to make a 2-layer cake with chocolate frosting), find some old house to restore, at some lonely, dreamy part of the country, cultivate my own garden, and cook pasta from scratch.

Not bad.



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