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One of the Toughest Jobs on the Planet September 14, 2010

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Angel Lavigne at 6 months. Those chubby arms!

Here with Snowglobe, which she fondly calls Bear-Bear 🙂


is babysitting a one-year-old!

Especially a headstrong one-year-old who likes to rearrange furniture, play with porcelain, and linger in the kitchen wanting to pry the fridge open and play with the gas range oven! Angel Lavigne, who is my first cousin’s baby, and her Mom will be staying with us for a while, at least until they find an apartment to rent within the city. My cousin is currently working overseas and won’t be home until November.

The little rascal is cute as a button, but she has a temper, and a ferocious one at that! I don’t know where she got the idea, but when she doesn’t get her way, she throws a fit and grabs her Mama’s hair as a sign of defiance. It exasperates me to no end, the fact that she’s learned to pull hair at the age of one, but well maybe, some kids are brats, just because.

However, however, she can be the sweetest toddler when in the mood. She loves to smile and giggle, and she has these dimpled cheeks, soft as a dough, which you’d want to knead in your hands over and over again. She loves to sing with me and play with oil pastels, doodling at the back of the pages of an old calendar. She’s a pretty smart kid, too, and she finds it easy to remember names – babble, slurred speech, and all.

Still, babysitting is a royal pain in the a$$. I love kids, but really, what are you supposed to do when they start climbing tables and then throw a wailing fit when you scoop them down? Or when they like to play with the expensive vase on the center table or wreck your article because they mistake the PC keyboard for a piano keyboard? I can only hope that by the time I have my own little rascal, I will have known what to do. 🙂

But really, how do all the moms and babysitters in the world seem to do it all so effortlessly?

Bless them, bless them. :p


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