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Ra-ra-ra-ra-Raj! August 24, 2010

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the glorious Venus Raj


Hooray for Miss Venus Raj, the Philippines’ bet, who nailed the 4th spot for this year’s Miss Universe pageant, held at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

After the heartbreaking episode on August 23, 2010, just one day before, when a tourist bus carrying HK nationals was held hostage while traversing the Quirino grandstand in Manila by a deranged former policeman, this surprising turn of events on the Miss Universe stage has somehow balanced things a bit.

Of course, everyone in this country is still recuperating after the hostage-taking drama and everyone is agitated thinking how the Philippine tourism is going to take care of itself after such a horrifying scare, but Venus Raj almost taking home the Miss Universe crown offered some sort of respite.

Fourth place is not bad you know, especially after beating 79 other contestants. Raj certainly has come a long way from her humble home in Bicol province, and her taking home the fourth place among a bevy of statuesque and highly-cultured gorgeous women is already a feat in itself.

And yeah, we should all get off our high horse. Her final answer for certain did not blow the judges away, and may very well have cost her the crown, but I’d like to think she did the best she could.  Aren’t we, Filipinas, all like that? Doing our best under any circumstance. Resilience, flexibility, strength.

So, yay for Venus Raj! Another Filipina on the universe stage, and well, there is always a next time for that much coveted diamond and ruby encrusted crown! 🙂


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