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Lakwatsa + Stress = Flu. On a Monday. March 15, 2010

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Lakwatsa is a Visayan slang for outing or short trips, and this is what I have been doing for the past week or weeks. If I am not out running at the sports oval with friends after working hours, I am at the mall doing some window-shopping (actual shopping if the temptation is too strong for a shopaholic like myself), and during weekends I am scouting for bargains at thrift stores and flea markets ( a genuine leather bag, a lovely dark blue chiffon and lace top, and a peasant blouse with crochet detailing, all for 100 pesos each), and heading off to the swimming pools with friends and family for some weekend R&R.

The 5-hour daily blackouts are reason enough for me, I deduce, to venture out of the house almost on a daily basis, when otherwise I’d be very much content to just stay home and finish my pending assignments, read my books, try out my new coffee maker, and spend hours watching DVD movies (Sherlock Holmes and the Blind Side, I’ve yet to watch) and TV series (Glee!). But how can I when the house is too dark, too eerie, too humid for comfort? Or when I can’t even turn the PC on? Thus, lakwatsa.

But there is such a thing as having too much, and I think I’ve had too much lakwatsa and much less sleep for that matter, so now I’m down with the flu, all drowsy and lethargic. But today’s a Monday, which means I have tons of work waiting for me, and that no matter how delicious and dreamy my bed seems, I cannot just roll over and curl up as if I have not one care in the world.

So back to work. But before that, here are some photos of the previous weekend, mostly at Chali Beach Resort, where we spent the afternoon and the early evening swimming and dining and laughing and having a pretty good time.

the lobby


tree lamps


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