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Night Swimming Madness March 8, 2010

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tired from swimming

Sunday nights for the past two weekends had been spent swimming at the spacious and luxurious Marco Hotel, and although I don’t fancy myself a good swimmer, I can at least say that my abilities have improved from poor to not-so-poor. Well, “not-so-poor” means that I can actually reach one portion of the pool from another without sinking and that I can float on my back for quite some time, which is good, because that gives me a chance to stare at tips of the high palm trees, the dark violet sky, and the stars during early evenings.

My swimming buddies are actually pretty good swimmers, so I have no choice but to work extra hard on my freestyle swimming abilities. Well, I’ve yet to learn how to dive without creating a scene and to actually tread water.  It’s just that if I stay in a solitary position while on water, I tend to, well, sink. Perhaps it has got to do with my legs or maybe with my mind, which shouts “sink” faster than my body can respond.  Oh well.

The gang is planning to go night swimming more often, what with all the 5-hour power interruptions and the sultry weather making us all crave for warm waters and cooler breezes. Which reminds me, I still need to buy a swimming cap (Speedo has some really cute albeit highly-affordable choices) and some goggles. Well, maybe a new tankini too, if the finances permit.

The other weekend we were treated to a full sunset and a full moon. I was able to snap some photos of the huge orange sun setting way behind the distant mountains while Carmela was driving her Pajero.

slowly sinking, sinking... sinking

And then of the the full moon that evening, during intervals of swimming, shivering, devouring junk, and setting the camera.

the fat moon

The previous weekend we were not treated to any blazing sunsets or full moons, just a sky dotted with stars. While floating I was able to make out a few constellations of my childhood, and even attempted to find the stars which Chad and I have picked for ourselves, years ago. But that proved to be too heartbreaking so I snapped out of my reverie and swam to the edge of the pool before drying off.

Exhausted and shivering, we decided to have dinner over barbecues, grilled chicken, and ice-cold Cokes.

Looks like summer is finally here. 🙂


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