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Should Have Been in Bantayan Island Today… March 20, 2010

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… to witness my good friend Dennise’s lovely beach wedding at sunset. But instead I am stuck at home, nursing a dancing hangover, and writing this lousy blog post. I canceled my trip to Cebu and to Bantayan Island early this week due to work complications. This freelancing thing is getting on my nerves, and with the scheduled blackouts disrupting my writing schedules almost on a daily basis, I was left with no choice but to choose work over vacation this weekend, or else I’ll go broke before month-end.

Plus, today is also Chaya’s wedding in Malaybalay, held at the same church where I want to profess my marriage vows in someday, the Monastery of Transfiguration. For months, I had been in a dilemma, thinking how I will inevitably be missing one wedding, by taking part in another.

But because I promised to grace Dennise’s wedding first, and talks of her getting married in early summer surfaced way before Chaya began planning about her own, I was leaning towards the Bantayan Island wedding party. As early as January, I began shopping for a dark-violet strapless dress to wear to the beach wedding, as well as an abaca-made wrist bag to go with the summer-beachy theme. Also, I bought some new eye make-up, and prepared the pink and brown printed  summer dress which I never had occasion to use, intending to wear it over breakfast after the wedding party.

So much for being a fashionista girl scout. Today, I am at home, feeling a bit wistful, wishing I were someplace else, where blue skies and chilled margaritas go perfectly together. Well last night I went clubbing with the girls, and though I had some Gilbey’s Premium Strength Gin and danced for two hours in my 3-inch party heels, I’d still much rather be in a deserted white beach, witnessing another happily-ever-after, and staring dreamily into the sunset.

Gahd. I feel like crying right now. Weddings and spoiled plans always do that to me.



My Recent Trip to the Bookstore Got Me This: March 18, 2010

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The Little Black Apron: A Single Girl’s Guide to Cooking with Style & Grace.

The book’s title is a playful twist from the quintessential Little Black Dress or LBD, and this book is created for the single urbanite female who does not know anything about the kitchen, save for the fridge and the microwave. Well, I’m a far cry from the pampered princess who’s completely clueless about the kitchen, having been trained at an early age (say thirteen or fifteen) by my Mom (who’s an excellent cook, by the way) to prepare a decent meal for the entire family on days that she’s running late. Also, I’ve gotten a certificate course last year on baking and pastries, so that leaves me quite adept at the kitchen, compared to the completely clueless single urbanite. But this recipe book on the shelf was just too cute, too pretty to let pass. And with it being on sale, really, how can I walk away empty-handed?

The book’s  pink and black theme is just so feminine, and well, I fancy anything that’s pink and black – from my favorite Nike runners to my lace undies. This compilation has about 246 pages of healthy recipes (from pastas to meat to salads to cocktails and desserts), a quick course on culinary vocabulary, a list of all the essential herbs for cooking, some health and diet tips, party and dinner suggestions, and finally some funny one-liners sprinkled all over the pages like chopped cashews on chocolate ice cream. This book is perfect for every girl who wants to master some cookery skills and perhaps to entertain a few guests at her lovely apartment with real gourmet food, and not just beer and chips.

According to Ellie Krieger, TV chef and host of Healthy Appetite at Food Network, The Little Black Apron is a “spirited guide to making you feel as comfortable in your kitchen as you are in your ballet flats. Every savvy single should have one on her bookshelf.”

I’d always liked to think I’m savvy but what I’m most sure of now is that I’m single.

Hence, The Little Black Apron.



Coffee and Muffins and Some Thoughts on Marriage March 15, 2010

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Mocha Espresso. Yum.

What a full day I’ve had. I woke up today and blogged about going down with the flu but now it’s almost 1 a.m. and I’m still wide awake, having just arrived home from Bo’s after a long evening over espresso and muffins. I think the flu has subsided a bit, thank heavens, after taking lots of Vitamin Cs and loads of water.

My aunt who’s now married to an American and already based in the U.S. arrived at the house this afternoon and will be staying for a few weeks or so while visiting friends in the city. I got myself two white leather handbags and some makeup as pasalubongs, which is great because I’ve been planning on buying a really nice white bag for the summer and some eye make up for impromptu parties. And tonight she’s decided to treat us out for coffee and muffins because she cannot stand the 5-hour rotating brownouts for the entire evening. Of course I would not want to be left home while the power was out so I slipped into my jeans and top and kind of looked forward to coffee.

While we were at Bo’s some friends of my aunt came to sit with us at the table, and one of them jokingly asked me and my sister if we were already married. We politely replied that no, we are still in our mid-twenties and not at all planning on getting hitched very soon. But the old man was quite in the mood for kidding around, and opined that now is the best time to get married and that marrying when you’re already thirty and up is a huge, huge mistake.

Really? I’m 27, single, having the time of my life, and not at all wanting to settle anytime soon. Well, okay, stability is a huge factor, and at this point, my savings are not anywhere near impressive, so perhaps that is one huge reason why marriage is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

Perhaps, a year or two from now, if that someone proposes to me, I’d gladly say yes. If. A huge IF. But anytime soon is not at all possible. So whoever says I should get married now will do well to shut up. You don’t get married because it’s the right age, you get married because you have the right person in your life at the RIGHT TIME.

Who cares if you get married at 35? At 40? Hello. At this time and age, not every girl is lucky to have a decent man just when their cheeks are at their rosiest and their ovaries are at the pink of health.

But tonight I did not shut the old man up. He was fortunately too funny for that. 🙂


GLEE is the Best!

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Quinn and Rachel


Anyone who has thought about making a musical TV series must be a genius. Imagine watching your favorite teen drama and getting a dose of concert-level performances in every episode, with renditions of classic Broadway songs to the latest pop and R n B hits from Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and even jazzy selections from my favorites, Amy Winehouse and Duffy.

The lead actress Lea Michele plays feisty-geeky and supremely talented Rachel Berry,  someone you’d love to love and hate at the same time. Well, “hate” is too harsh a word, but her taste in fashion is just pathetic and once she begins to open her mouth, there’s simply no snapping it shut. But she’s adorable in many ways, and that voice is just pure honey. The TV series has a host of other adorable characters too, from a geeky paraplegic to a preggers cheerleader (who is the president of the Celibacy Club, mind you), to a big-haired blogger who loves to pester Rachel in exchange for her precious undies.

Intrigued yet? Grab a copy of the Season 1 DVD today and start laughing and singing your heart out! 🙂


Lakwatsa + Stress = Flu. On a Monday.

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Lakwatsa is a Visayan slang for outing or short trips, and this is what I have been doing for the past week or weeks. If I am not out running at the sports oval with friends after working hours, I am at the mall doing some window-shopping (actual shopping if the temptation is too strong for a shopaholic like myself), and during weekends I am scouting for bargains at thrift stores and flea markets ( a genuine leather bag, a lovely dark blue chiffon and lace top, and a peasant blouse with crochet detailing, all for 100 pesos each), and heading off to the swimming pools with friends and family for some weekend R&R.

The 5-hour daily blackouts are reason enough for me, I deduce, to venture out of the house almost on a daily basis, when otherwise I’d be very much content to just stay home and finish my pending assignments, read my books, try out my new coffee maker, and spend hours watching DVD movies (Sherlock Holmes and the Blind Side, I’ve yet to watch) and TV series (Glee!). But how can I when the house is too dark, too eerie, too humid for comfort? Or when I can’t even turn the PC on? Thus, lakwatsa.

But there is such a thing as having too much, and I think I’ve had too much lakwatsa and much less sleep for that matter, so now I’m down with the flu, all drowsy and lethargic. But today’s a Monday, which means I have tons of work waiting for me, and that no matter how delicious and dreamy my bed seems, I cannot just roll over and curl up as if I have not one care in the world.

So back to work. But before that, here are some photos of the previous weekend, mostly at Chali Beach Resort, where we spent the afternoon and the early evening swimming and dining and laughing and having a pretty good time.

the lobby


tree lamps


Mom March 12, 2010


This is my mom back in her salad days, no older than 26, I think. She’d been slim, tan, and gorgeous during her youth, with  long black tresses that reach down to her narrow waist, and which she chose to crop into short, flirty waves right after graduating from college.  She lived in her own rented apartment during her early twenties, managed a gasoline station, and had a small-time entrepreneurial venture which allowed her regular air travels from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro, and back.

Today, at 60. 🙂

In stories which I love to hear over and over again, she was into biking, tennis, night swimming, and road trips during her young days. She used to enjoy midnight swims at the beach with her cousins and girlfriends, and had a string of suitors at her feet. Well she may have been exaggerating a bit here, who knows, but she still has the red tin can that used to contain the colorful candies one of her suitors gave her, and she’d been engaged to be married once and broke that same engagement a few years before meeting my father. My Mama lived a colorful, independent life, and although she’s had her share of heartaches, and lost my father to diabetes complications nine years ago, she remains to be one of those people whose strength I admire the most.

Which explains why we almost never get along on so many things. We’re both headstrong, independent-minded, and stubborn. We are cut from the same cloth after all. She’s had a full life before she married my father, and that’s what I want for myself, too. So that one day I can talk to my children and tell them stories of my dreams and exploits, of my heartaches and frustrations, of my one true love, and of the day when I finally got my happy ending, roses and tiaras and all.


Food for Thought March 9, 2010

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miming 🙂


Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy. “