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A Chaotic But Fun Weekend October 13, 2009

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I spent the weekend attending baking classes, working on pending projects, spending dinner and after-dinner laag with a girlfriend, shopping for a new hobo bag (a great steal actually! :)), skipping sewing classes,  going on a Sunday road trip with my brother’s girlfriend’s family, gazing at a waterfall, swimming, taking photos, and pigging out. Phew.

I actually needed Mentopas after the road trip, especially after hiking, swimming, and sitting in the car for almost four hours. It was chaotic, you can say that, but it was also fun. Now I just need to catch up on my sewing classes. We were tasked to sew our very own sleeveless blouse last Sunday (thank God Mae and Estee were there, so I merely copied notes!) – and that involved taking all the necessary measurements, tracing patterns, cutting them, and tracing them again on a blousy piece of fabric. Then the lingerie comes next. And then the dresses. I’m feeling both excited…. and… and… apprehensive.  I can’t imagine sewing my own dress and actually wearing it. That would be phenomenal. 🙂

Now some snaps.

chat, nash, me

chat, nash, me



the girls :)

the girls 🙂




5 Responses to “A Chaotic But Fun Weekend”

  1. nash Says:

    wer na dapit fren? nice kyo…did ya go swimmin’?

  2. Aimee Says:

    That’s the Ma. Cristina falls fren, and newp dili pwede mag swimming hehe. We went swimming sa timoga na. we also attended Sunday mass at the Divine Mercy shrine. diba nag adto pud ka?

  3. nash Says:

    yez, yez 😉 I always go there whenever I go home.

  4. Kristine Says:

    Oh, I miss candys! Cant wait to be home this end of the month 🙂

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