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Why I Love A Frozen Strawberry Margarita October 7, 2009

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happiness in a pitcher

happiness in a pitcher

There are many reasons why I love a strawberry margarita.

One.  It has a lovely color. I love pink, but not the cheesy-schmaltzy shade of pink you see on baduy curtains and school uniforms. See that lovely coral pink concoction above? That’s the strawberry margarita from Macumba Cafe. I almost did not want to touch it! How divine.

Two. I love strawberries. I like how they look like small human hearts (not that I want to devour human hearts, no), I love how they smell (gosh, that smell! I can bathe in it!), I love how they taste sweet, tart, juicy, and crunchy (the seeds!) all at the same time.

Three. It has tequila in it. It’s margarita, so of course!

Four. It reminds me of my favorite drink way back in high school, the strawberry Fruittislush. Ah, high school! Why didn’t I flirt as much as I wanted to?

Five. The blended ice is a real thirst quencher. I always forget that I’m drinking alcohol, until I’d realize that my knees almost feel like nothing and then I’d suddenly crave for my bed.

Six. I want to name my future daughter, or my granddaughter, or my neice, Margarita. Margarita Manuelle for my future daughter, if that guy takes me into his life again and whisks me into marriage. Ah, daydreams.

Seven. It’s girly. Daintily sipping on a margarita  sounds more feminine than say, gulping down beer, don’t you think?

So how would you like some strawberry blended margarita for tonight?


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