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090909 September 9, 2009

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I should be doing a post about this day, September 9, 2009, which happens only once in a century. But I still have some articles to write, so my blog post needs to be on hold for a while. Will get back to this blog soon. 😀

— Fast forward two days later —

District 9

District 9

So the date was 090909. The 9th of September two-thousand nine. I’m not a big fan of numerology, although I have researched into the topic and have written a few articles about it, but something about the date struck me. Some of the cynics I knew cautioned me about going out that day, the number was supposed to translate to 666, the devil’s number, when turned upside down. Nonetheless, others saw the date as an extremely lucky one, and one of my bestfriends even planned  to purchase a lottery ticket that day. However I saw no big deal about it, until two of my gradeschool friends invited me out for a movie, dinner, and cocktails that night. Indeed, why not celebrate the day with friends, chitchat, and cocktails? Why not create a specific memory for a specific date, and look back one day and think “Ah, the 9th of September 2009, I went out with a few friends and had fun!”

However, however, the cocktail night did not push through. One my friends backed out from the plan, saying she’s not feeling well, so it was just Amor and myself. It looked kind of lonely, yes, but we decided to go with an altered plan: watch a movie, grabe a bite to eat, skip cocktails, and talk about anything. At the very least, I was not sitting at home on September 9, 2009, which was a Wednesday. Both Amor and I agreed that we should do something on that day, anything other than work,  so she skipped work (she works as a nurse in some private hospital) and I left my PC to brew for a while.

The movie was phenomenal, and I was expecting so. District 9 (District 9 in 999, i like to say :)) got a 90% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, which is about the meanest movie review website you can ever imagine. I was pretty much blown away by the film and by the time we left the cinemas, we were already famished. I wanted to eat at some fancy cafe, but after a few minutes of rumination we decided on McDonald’s. We were famished, we wanted instant gratification, and we got it not five minutes after entering the restaurant.

Dinner was filled with nonstop talk. Amor and I went to the same primary school together, our parents were close acquaintances, and we knew each other’s siblings. However we lost contact all through highschool and college, and it was only just this year that we reconnected again, after meeting up for our grade school reunion last July. Next time we plan to have a cocktail night, and hopefully, a few friends could join us.

Well, my 090909 was not really that incredible, no booze or dancing whatsoever, but I’m glad I spent one working day of the week quite differently. It was not really a celebration, but I had fun — watching a really good movie does that to you, and when you have a great girlfriend you can really talk to and share some caramel sundae and fries with, all the better.

Looking forward to October 10, 2010, November 11, 2011, and December 12, 2012.



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