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Bibliophile on a Budget September 6, 2009

Filed under: books — Aimee @ 4:35 pm

It’s 12:36 am but I can’t sleep. So I was fiddling with the PC and decided to make a blog post.

Well, this post is specifically about my recent book shopping binges. I have recently discovered the hidden treasures of the BOOK SALE bookstores, and for the past months or so I was able to find really good titles at bargain prices. I got an Ian McEwan book, one from Anita Shreve, the Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller, Waiting by Ha Jin, and War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.

For the entire month of August National Bookstore was also on sale, and I was able to find hardcover copies of practically new books at a measly price of P49.50 each. I think I bought a total of five books, and if not for my varied interests (cheap dresses, baking stuff, sewing stuff, paint brushes and linseed oil for experimental painting, jewelry) and a growing list of expenses, I might have bought more.

ah, happiness!

ah, happiness!

Well, I should’nt be too greedy – I still need to finish Mansfield Park by Jane Austen and Umberto Eco’s The Island of the Day Before, before year end.  And a total of four books from the bookstore sales still sit in my bookshelf unread, which means I need to do less Facebooking, less window shopping, and more reading.

I can’t wait to finish devouring all my new books, so I will have a good excuse for a bigger  purchase next time I hit the bookstores. A few titles in my wish list include Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, and Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (yes, that classic which was adapted into a romance film in 1939).

In the meantime, more reading.


2 Responses to “Bibliophile on a Budget”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Aims… I have a crush on another literary character (surprise, surprise)… ahehhe… Mr. Eric Northman… haha I just finished book 3 and am about to start book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I envy your purchases. I’m a loyal library patron as my budget doesn’t allow me to splurge on books at the moment.

  2. Aimee Says:

    haha. why am i not suprised? Gosh, I’m drooling over all the Sookie Stackhouse books at the bookstore, but I have a gazillion books to read, so to justify my spending, I will not buy another book until i’m done with the rest. whew!

    don’t envy my purchases, they’re just really dirt cheap here, like a mere dollar per book! i envy all your libraries, and if there was one decent library in this city, just one, i’ll be a loyal patron too!! 😀

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