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Squashed… August 31, 2009

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Mister Cow, photo by sis :)

Mister Cow, photo by sis

…excitement that is. Today is a national holiday, which means that people are free to take a day off work. With my freelancing job, everyday can be a holiday, but national holidays do have their perks. My friends and family are off work during these days, so we are all technically free to enjoy some  R and R, from sun up to sundown. Since I finally bought myself a new black tankini, the plan was to spend the night swimming at the Marco Hotel hot pool, devouring junk fares, and maybe grabbing a bite or two at the hotel’s resto. But, but. This morning I woke up to horrible abdominal cramps and of all the days during the month, my period just decided to make an appearance this morning.

So went kaput my premature excitement. The night swimming trip was canceled, and I had to stay home reading, fiddling with the PC, and watching the last episodes of True Blood on DVD. These things normally amuse me of course, but when you’re suffering from stomach cramps and back aches and dreaming of a warm pool, there is nothing exciting about reading a book or Facebooking.

Hopefully, the night swimming plan on Friday pushes through, so I can finally try the much talked about hot pool for myself.


2 Responses to “Squashed…”

  1. Patricia Says:

    :/ sorry to hear about your monthly visitor making an unwanted appearance. Mine showed up on my birthday and after lunch I wanted to curl up into a ball because it hurt so badly. Hopefully things work out for you on Friday night. Am keeping my fingers crossed that you get to go night swimming.

    I just finished the first Charlaine Harris book (Dead Until Dark). Btw, the entire first season of True Blood is based just on that book. There’s one more episode left, and I’m sad that this season is almost over.

  2. Aimee Says:

    hello Trish. 🙂 so tough being a girl. sigh! hopefully, hopefully, the Friday night swimming pushes through. 🙂

    yes i finally sighted the Dead Until Dark book at the bookstore. it’s just cheap at 299php, so i might grab a copy, one of these days. The second season is almost over no? Is it based on the other books, too?

    when I was finally done with the 1st season DVD, i suffered from withdrawal syndrome after. i miss Sookie and Bill, cutie Sam, and that dashing Eric. I even miss Jason. haha. have to wait unti the 2nd season DVD comes out. hopefully i won’t have to wait long. :<

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