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A Day at the Perya August 31, 2009

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Last Saturday I gave in to an invitation to go to the local peryahan, or the fiesta fair, and did I have fun! My Saturdays have always been full for the last two months, what with my morning baking and pastries classes, spur of the moment out-of-the-city trips, and a bit of overtime work during late afternoon. However I wanted to do something crazy for the long weekend: perhaps ride the roller coaster, the stomach-heaving Ferris wheel, or be a toddler once again and try out the carousel. I’ve never been a huge fan of the perya, and all I ever wanted to do whenever I’d find myself in one was observe the rides and devour cotton candy. But this time, I wanted to dare my scared, little self and yep, that’s what I actually did.

So I headed to the fairs with two of the most adventurous people on the planet: my brother and his girl, Carla.

I must confess that I do have a fear of heights, and although I have already tried out zip lining, rappelling, and braving the roller coaster once during the summer of my childhood, it’s not something that I can easily outgrow after only a few short-lived dares. But for fear of being called chicken by my younger brother and my daredevil of a friend, I promised myself that I will not sit out on any of the rides they wanted to try out.

the space plane shuttle something :D

the space plane shuttle something 😀

So this is one of the first rides that we had to explore. We were raised at about ten to fifteen feet above ground, and although it’s nothing compared to the zipline, I was still scared! Of course I did not want to show how scared I was, so I smiled the entire time and gripped the handles with all the force I was capable of. Carla seemed to enjoy the ride so much, she was even complaining why our airplane/shuttle did not move up and down while we were being whirled like crazy! And the entire time I kept thinking: Oh my God, what if this machine acts up and we will be forever whirling until I puke in my shirt?! Hmmm. Negative thinking? Not really good when you’re planning to enjoy the amusement rides. 🙂 Thankfully, we got off in one piece, and I was smiling like a hyena after touching ground.

the speeding round coaster something

the speeding round coaster something

The second ride was equally crazy. Yes, we were all smiles before the torture started, but when the machine began to whir to life, I sensed that I really should be gripping the handle bars right then. So that’s what I did, and for about 10 minutes, the coaster sped in a circular motion like the blades of a fruit juice blender, and each time we would take a dip, Carla and I would shriek like crazy. Then we would realize our folly and laugh tearfully until we would scream again and again until our voices became hoarse and our palms sweaty. It was fun, but when I got out of the seat, I could barely steady myself.

The final ride was the bumper car, and this is where I really had fun. The three of us actually did. I loved bumping those clueless  strangers, and feeling a sense of triumph after that, I would proceed to bump the others. Of course I almost flew out of my seat when a stupid rascal bumped me from behind, but that’s what the ride is all about, and at that point, nothing could rain on my bumpy parade. Haha.

Now I’m changing my erstwhile  perception about Enchanted Kingdom and Disneyworld. I now realize why people are so damn excited about amusement rides. Because no matter how much money you spend on each of them, you are certain of one thing and one thing only: FUN!


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