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The Best Vampire Series Ever August 24, 2009

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it doesn't get any better than this

it doesn't get any better than this

Finally, finally, a vampire series that will knock you off the ground and make you bleed for more. I’m babbling hyperboles I know, but True Blood is just phenomenal.

Because it does not show popular girls in high heels and the vampires do not shine like diamonds, most average viewers may not totally get it at first watch. But wait until you get deeper into the series and discover how great an actress Anna Paquin is, how original the screenplay for television is, and how ruggedly dashing that vampire (played by British actor Stephen Moyer) really is, and then perhaps you might understand what I’m getting at.

There are raunchy sex scenes, funny one-liners, and original twists you won’t get with any other television show.

It’s dark, it’s chilling, it’s funny, romantic, and plain crazy all at the same time.  True Blood is not for the faint of heart.


5 Responses to “The Best Vampire Series Ever”

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  2. Patricia Says:

    I love this show! I actually have a teeny crush on the actor who plays Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), though (not surprising since he’s the Viking type). He’s a better character in the books than he is in the show.


    • Aimee Says:

      which episode does Eric show up? I’m still on the second episode, trying to balance my time with the True Blood DVD and reading a few books I got on sale. I’m actually breaking my promise – I’m not supposed to watch any DVD or movie until I finish all my books. But True Blood is irresistible. I’m now hunting for the Dead Until Dark novel by Charlaine Harris. Have you read it already? 🙂

  3. Patricia Says:

    He first appears on episode 4… You don’t really get to see him ’til later on, though. I have yet to start reading the books – my tita has them, and she let me read bits and pieces – hence my added infatuation with Eric.

    Haha, forget Edward Cullen. I want me a vampire viking hottie! ;p

  4. Aimee Says:

    hahahaha! Yeah i think I’m on the 6th or 7th episode already, haven’t really checked, but I think Eric first appears at the Fangtasia bar scene, with Bill and Sookie. And yes, he is a hottie! he should have played Bill! hahahha. Move over Edward Cullen. A bad vampire is a sexy vampire. hehe.

    I’ve got to search the bookstores here pa. I think they only have 2 books pa.

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