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Pink Fetish August 15, 2009

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hmmm. decent enough.

hmmm. decent enough.

This is one of the first few sewing projects that I am quite proud to show everyone. A pink canvass cell phone holder, accented with two white buttons. Only the buttons are hand-sewn, the rest of the stitches are done by manually operating a decades-old Ribonet  sewing machine. It looks pretty simple really, but I spent almost an hour on this project, what with my pathetic skills and poor hand-eye-and-foot coordination.

Once my skills begin to pick up, I’ll start eyeing some of those portable beauties which allow you to sew bags, clutches, and dresses in a snap. Meanwhile, I’ll practice on this tough oldie whenever I get the time so I can finally outgrow my little anxieties over unraveling stitches and jammed threads.

Yay! I’m jumping up and down, actually. 🙂


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