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Day of Hearts February 14, 2009

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“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale”.



After the Heavy Rains February 11, 2009

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imageshouse1Our house has been under renovations for the past weeks. Since the day of the flash floods about a month ago, renovation plans have been underway, which included repainting, re-tiling, and redecorating the house. The repairs were done out of necessity – the house looked decades older after the flood waters ravaged the floors, walls, and a few of the built-in cabinets – but somehow, we also did not want anything to remind us of the horrible ordeal, which had us sleeping in a hotel the first night, as all the beds and pillows were soaked in murky, foul-smelling flood waters.

Hopefully, by the time the renovations are done, we shall have added a few decorative touches here and there, so that nothing of the past nightmare will ever haunt us again. Well, I really hope so. Each time the rain persists for hours, I now find it hard to sleep, silently cursing the clogged drainage systems, deforestation and quarrying activities, and the oh-so-smug city officials who think placing Cagayan de Oro under a state of calamity is going to be enough. Um, excuse me, but there are grave issues here, and we can’t afford to have another deluge drown this city before you all start taking action. Thankfully for us, no major appliance or piece of furniture has been damaged. My flood casualties had included a few old handbags, some newly bought fashion magazines, a DVD player, a love letter, a USB, and other trinkets.

So. I think the repainting will begin this week, and I’m thinking of choosing a shade less predictable than white. Taupe, maybe? Or corn yellow, perhaps?

One thing is for certain, though – I want the house to look sunshiny and bright, happy and resilient- all the things that a home should be, even after the heavy rains.


The Crazies February 5, 2009

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Meet the crazies. A riot broke when the four of us met up again for dinner, dessert, and lots of spontaneous discussion on the 30th of January. For some reason, we just could not stop laughing, before and after dinner and in-between. When you’re with girlfriends you practically grew up with, the stories and the jokes seem to go on forever.

We can discuss love lives and heart aches one minute and funny high school prom bloopers the next. Then we would just as easily switch to fashion, argue about what’s trendy and trashy, and then steer the conversation to worthwhile, boring topics like the recent global financial crunch that has Obama’s hands full, not one minute into his official inauguration.


Because Sora is a lawyer who works in the Senate, she dishes out stories on politicians and their little predilections, and offers us opinions as to who among the senators look better in person than on print ads or TV. She may be the only lawyer among us, but very unfortunately all of us love debates, so we always end up arguing over the most inane things, soap opera stars and Pinoy love teams included.


Marshie makes me roll over with laughter even as she utters the simplest of remarks. She treats everything you say as a joke moreover, so you end up giggling over something or other. She’s overly conscious with her weight, even as she’s already lost a lot of pounds in recent years and has never looked better. And she’s baring a bit of cleavage now! Case in point:


That’s a bra cup right there, or at least a part of it. Haha! She was thrilled to have this picture taken of her, and she insisted I send it to her after having stored it in my trusty digicam. She’s leaving for New Zealand on the 17th and I think more than anything, I shall miss her laughter. She’s the one person who laughs the laugh that makes me want to laugh. Really, it’s that contagious. To describe her as a ray of sunshine would be an understatement.

Okay, all of us are crazy about our weight. And crazy about photos. No, we are not obese, far from that actually, but we know that the camera makes you look thicker and wider by ten pounds, so we practically fight for the best angles before each snapshot.


The only skinny person among us is Estee, who I deduce, weighs only about 90 pounds. She eats a lot and never gets fat. Some people are just blessed with crazy-in-a-good way metabolism, and this girl can’t complain.


So on dinner night we spotted this lovely table for four after having entered the resto. Nobody wanted to sit with Estee, because we (Sora, Marshie, and I) knew that we would all look corpulent in comparison to her, in photos. The dialogue went something like this:

Me (dashing to the table): Marsh, sit with me, quick!

Sora (literally pulling Marsh by the arm): No, I’m not sitting with Estee! Marsh, please!

Estee (laughing): Ouch, you guys are hurting my feelings!

Me: Marsh, sit.

After a while Sora gave up, and we all ended up laughing like loonies. And then we realized the waiter had been standing by the table all along. No, he wasn’t smiling. He actually looked pretty annoyed. If I wasn’t feeling light-headed after the loony-laughing, I could have told him to go get a life.

Well, maybe the sight of four twenty-somethings acting like crazy schoolgirls was more than his poor sense of humor could take. 😉


Ditto, Mr. King, Stephenie Meyer Can’t Write February 4, 2009

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bxp347741Stephenie Meyer will either shrug this off or bawl her eyes over for a fortnight, but Stephen King, the prolific science fiction writer, thinks Ms. Meyer can’t write. According to King, Meyer is a far cry from J.K. Rowling, saying that “Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”

I think what Mr. King is saying is this: Ms. Stephenie Meyer’s writing style is forgettable, stale, and often wearisome. You will treasure this book if : you are a teen, you like ALL love stories, or if you have read nothing else.

Oh, and the movie was worse. Not that I finished it.”

For more on Stephen King’s outspoken statement, click