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Bottomless November 19, 2008

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I think my dog, Raffie, has an appetite problem. He seems to eat anything that resembles a bone, or anything that strikes him as edible, no matter how gross. No, he is not underfed, in fact he eats as often as we do. His food basin is always full with whatever is cooking in the kitchen or stored in the fridge. I feed him viand and rice on weekdays, and special gourmet treats on weekends.

If we are having lasagna, he has plate of it too, and if we are having fruit salad for dessert, he’ll wag his tail until he’s had his own share. He even eats bananas and devours apples. Raffie is actually a cross between a poodle and a pug.

He hates any kind of commercial dog food though, so we stopped buying him any of those processed stuffs by the time he grew a few inches. When he came to us, given by an acquaintance, he was like a handful of puffy clouds, so tiny he could hide in the narrow space between the wall and the bookshelf.

That time, his ex-master had been feeding him dog food and Yakult, which he very rarely touched. When mom began to give him fried chicken, rice, and meatballs, he was hooked. He would have none of the commercially-processed fares. Shortly he gained a few inches, and then more. His puffiness disappeared, he grew less round, but he still had his thick fur and extra-bushy tail.

Well, back to the appetite problem. It seems that Raffie could not stop eating, although this does not happen too often. But when he launches on his weird eating habits, it just freaks us out. He chews on soft paper and grass, bites on a ball of stocking which he mistakes for soft bone, and scrapes moss off the walls with his mouth.

One morning, my mother saw him vomit saliva and a small, shapeless stone. By the time he ‘s done puking, he resumes running through the lawn as if nothing happened. Due to his reckless eating habits, he now wanders through the house with a chain attached to his collar, so I can easily yank him away from whatever his taste buds are currently fancying.

Perhaps if I start ignoring him, he’ll stop. Pets can be fun, but they’re huge work, too.


3 Responses to “Bottomless”

  1. Ha ha that is my cat too! He is an emotional eater!

  2. Patricia Says:


  3. Aimee Says:

    hehe. cutie-cutie. but he has a bottomless appetite!

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