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Dreaming About Crepes November 16, 2008

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One of my favorite desserts/breakfast fares are crepes. I like them with almost anything: cheese, ham, mushrooms, sweet corn, tuna flakes, bacon, and sausages. For dessert, mangoes, chocolate, strawberry, and cream all make excellent fillings. I have yet to try the Nutella crepe and the rest of the fruit variety at Le Crepe but I can already say I’m a crepe convert.


Mango Crepe from Le Crepe

For the longest time, pancakes were my best friend. I can cook pancakes straight out of a box of ready-made pancake mix and I can also make them from scratch: flour, eggs, milk, and extra virgin olive oil. Mom has a pancake maker which I use often, especially on days when I can’t find a non-stick pan. I love topping pancakes with almost anything, strawberries particularly, and thick, gooey chocolate sauce. My chocolate sauce is made from both bittersweet and semi-sweet dark chocolate, folded in with cream and powdered sugar. These pancake toppings make excellent day starters and even mouth-watering meriendas.

Well, I may be a crepe convert but pancakes, no doubt, are easier to make. Until I master crepe making, I shall be whipping up pancakes from my Mom’s kitchen and devouring crepes from cafes and mall kiosks 🙂


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