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Vampire Love October 28, 2008

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Several chapters into Twilight, I already wanted to fall in love with a vampire. Silly I know, and cheesy, and juvenile, and completely preposterous for someone my age. For the longest time, I have tucked my vampire fantasies under the bed, convinced that they are nothing but spawns of the devil, hostile bloodsuckers- and of course, a byproduct of imaginative fiction. Well, they still are. Fangs or no fangs, perhaps, I’ll always be a giddy schoolgirl- both an amusing and embarrassing thought– even when I reach my osteoporosis age.


One evening, I wanted Chad to play along. We were in the living room.

Me: Are you a vampire?

Chad: Yes.

Me: (slightly annoyed that he was nowhere near as elegant or as white as a vamp) Really? Well, you don’t look like one for sure. Vampires are pale. You’re too dark.

Chad: I am a vampire.

Me: I wish you were but you’re not.

Chad: I’m a burnt vampire.

I burst out laughing. There goes my romantic illusions.

Chad:  I followed you into the sun. And that’s why I changed complexions.

How Supremely Cheesy. I wanted to punch him, because I actually turned to mush. Instead, I leaned forward.

Me: Well, you smell to good to be a burnt vampire.

I meant it, of course.


Wish I Owned an Entire Bookstore October 25, 2008

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I was at the mall today and finally bought Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Bookstores are always like sanctuaries to me, and I could lose myself for hours pacing aisle after aisle after aisle of books. There was a sale nook at National Bookstore, but I decided to scrimp on another day. I should have known; after all, I always find it difficult to leave a bookstore empty handed once I’m already inside.

I should not be surprised why most of my book purchases are done on impulse. When I enter a boutique, I can resist buying a new top, a handbag (well, some days), or a pair of shoes. However, every time I venture inside a bookstore, I always find it almost sacrilegious not to buy a book. Everything looks glossy and gleaming and beckoning. This, or the fact that I really am an impulse buyer by nature, and to curb my shopping guilt afterwards, I make it an unconscious point to visit bookstores instead. I mean how can you feel guilty when you have bought something which actually feeds your mind and not your inane vanity?

While I was at the mall earlier, I visited again the kiosk which sells the earrings I have coveted for like, months, and there they were, all pretty and distant. I had to restrain myself of course, seeing that I already shopped at the bookstore, quite unplanned.

Anyway, as I have always wanted to indulge myself in another Austen, I finally bought Persuasion. As for the Meyer book, I have no expectations of it but am counting on the fact that it is a bestseller and that there’s a movie coming to theaters sometime next month. Plus, I have always loved Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, so I’m hoping I’ll love Meyer’s fiction just as much.

As much as I have vowed not to buy any new book unless I finish reading Eco’s Island of the Day Before, I just keep breaking my promise. If I follow my vow religiously, I think an entire year will pass before I read another fiction. I have no idea why but this Eco book is like sleeping pills to me. Seriously.

I think I’ll read Twilight first. Hopefully I’ll be done by the time the movie hits the cinemas. And if I do like the book, nothing will keep me from buying the rest of the three books of the entire saga. Even if it means putting off buying the lovely earrings for a while. 🙂


Thirsty for Baileys October 22, 2008

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Sigh. I wish somebody would buy me a drink.

I’ve been longing for an icy shot glass or two of Baileys Original these past few days. Guess it’s because my birthday is due in another week. On the night of my 24th birthday- two years ago- I had Baileys and cake. The duo tasted divine together,and so the memory just stuck with me for years.

Well last year, I was teetering towards bliss and depression at the same time on my birthday, so there was very little reason to celebrate with cocktails. I did bake a scrumptious lasagna and my sister bought me cake- though nothing much happened afterwards.

This year however, I have finally emancipated myself and so far have stuck to my ideals, no matter what. Thus, the craving for Irish cream over ice.

I’ve always been partial to the original variety, but am presently raring to try the hint of Mint Chocolate variation. Hhhmmm.

I still wish somebody would buy me a drink- and lead me to the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow.


Imagining Ms. Dashwood October 12, 2008

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Because I was bored this evening, and having watched Sense and Sensibility on cable TV this morning, I gave in to the temptation of evening tea and sweet biscuits.

I have always been fascinated with the English custom of afternoon tea breaks, and although I haven’t tried mine with milk- the characteristic British way- I am still drawn to the slow-moving, almost romantic manner that the Brits have mastered all these centuries: sipping their tea from delicate cups unhurriedly, as if they have all the time in the world. Everything laid on the table is just charming: lace tablecloth, a tea set of fine china, and sweet pastries piled high on a crystal platter.

I however, do not own a tea set. So I made a makeshift tea time arrangement, after having raided my Mom’s cupboards. I took out her fine cup and saucer china, and used a small Japanese tea pot to hold my tea. Finding no respectable crystal ware, or perhaps because was too impatient to raid all the cupboards again for one, I used her little Japanese serving plates, typically ideal for serving sushi and maki rolls. Her brother used to travel to Japan when he was young, hence her predominantly Japanese ceramic sets. As for the treats, I laid out sweet biscuits, nothing really fancy. There were no English teas moreover, so I settled for green tea, not risking on the red lychee tea, which I wasn’t really in the mood for.

So, I know the arrangement looks eclectic, hilarious even, but I finally understand why it’s better to sip the tea than to take it in gulps, the way I normally do. Somehow the tea tastes better, and whether it’s because you’re imagining yourself as Ms. Dashwood or because you’re munching on the biscuits ever so daintily, it’s actually difficult to tell. All I know is that there’s something beautiful about tea time, and I hope I get to do it more often from this point on.

That is, of course, after I get myself a new matching tea set and loads of English tea and milk, leaving the Japanese square plates for nigiri sushi, and the Japanese tea pot for my fave green tea 🙂


Summer in October October 10, 2008

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