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Goodbyes and Tequila September 20, 2008

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We finally had a send off party for Cocong, who’s bound for the States at the end of the month, at Shakie’s house last night. Nope, there weren’t any tears, just laughter and songs, tequila and kalamansi, and lotsa chips and peanuts. The night was laid-back, comfortable, and filled with hilarious bantering. We also had a diva that night, who belted out high notes as if he were simply whistling through his teeth. Jonathan, watch out! 😀

Many thanks to Shakie for being such a gracious hostess. Well, here are some snapshots of the despidida night ( you can also find a load of my photos at my friendster and facebook accounts, as these sites normally have photo galleries) :


Cocong, we will sorely miss you. 🙂 Take care.


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