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Tuesdays With Morrie: Love Each Other or Die September 22, 2008

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Last night I went to a stage production of Repertory Philippines’ Tuesdays With Morrie, with my sister and my sister’s friend Joana. Tuesdays with Morrie is a book by Mitch Albom about a student and his witty professor, reunited after sixteen years when the latter was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and already dying.

The play was held at Rodelsa Hall, a decently sized theater venue with a sweeping grand staircase entirely made of marble and a grand chandelier which reminds you of being in an opulent Filipino ancestral home. Thankfully, I got complimentary tickets from Denise, a highschool classmate who now works for the theater, so I merely paid for my sister’s ticket that night.

The play started at 8pm, starring renowned theater actors Bart Guingona as Mitch Albom and Miguel Faustmann as Morrie Schwartz , and ended two hours later to deafening applause and a standing ovation. Both the characters of Mitch and Professor Schwartz were given sufficient justice, with the actors’ voices crisp as air and their emotions supremely infectious.

I went to the show not expecting anything, since I already read the book and watched the movie on cable television twice. The poignancy of the production was anything but ordinary, however; and it was hard not be moved or to be reduced to tears at any moment. There are a few quotes I want to share here, so please bear with me.

“The truth is if you accept that you can die at any time, then you might not be as ambitious as you are”

“Death ends a life, not a relationship”

“What’s wrong with being number two?”

“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone”

“If you’re always battling against getting older, you’re always going to be unhappy, because it will happen anyhow”

“Aging is not just decay… It’s growth”

“We must love each other or die”


Goodbyes and Tequila September 20, 2008

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We finally had a send off party for Cocong, who’s bound for the States at the end of the month, at Shakie’s house last night. Nope, there weren’t any tears, just laughter and songs, tequila and kalamansi, and lotsa chips and peanuts. The night was laid-back, comfortable, and filled with hilarious bantering. We also had a diva that night, who belted out high notes as if he were simply whistling through his teeth. Jonathan, watch out! πŸ˜€

Many thanks to Shakie for being such a gracious hostess. Well, here are some snapshots of the despidida night ( you can also find a load of my photos at my friendster and facebook accounts, as these sites normally have photo galleries) :


Cocong, we will sorely miss you. πŸ™‚ Take care.


Happy Birthday Ro-ro September 18, 2008

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My brother, with whom I am older by 11 months, turned 25 yesterday, September 17. Our family, with his girlfriend, Carla, had dinner at Countryside Steakhouse. I took the photo above, and since I don’t really fancy the shot which the waiter took willingly, I am posting this pic instead, which I took myself. The birthday boy is flanked by our younger sister (left) and his girl. Mama and I are sitting at the opposite side of the table.

So there. We spent the night eating baby back ribs, pasta, greens, and seafood. And if only that day was on a weekend, we would have gone karaoke-ing. It was a working week, however, and so we trooped home after about 2 hours or so.

Ro, I hope you gain just a teeny weeny bit of maturity this time. (Aside: I seriously doubt it, though). LOL. Happy Birthday πŸ™‚