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Sun Tanned and Smiling March 20, 2008

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copy-of-img_0332.jpg copy-of-img_0028-small.jpg copy-of-img_0298-small.jpg copy-of-img_0294-small.jpg

Just arrived from a 4-day hiatus from work. Spent four glorious days and three dreamless nights in Tagbilaran City, Bohol and the neighboring Panglao Island. The word is “glorious”. As the photos above explicitly suggest, the place is next to paradise. I have always been partial to photography, and thanks to my handy digital camera, my sister and I were able to take beautiful pictures of the island. I’m caught up with work right now however, so I’m hoping to write a full account, and post more photos of my travels in and out of the city of my mother’s birth before this month is over. One little thingy though: I’m definitely going back soon! =)