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Seven Holidays per Week January 15, 2008

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Today I went to the bank to claim my cyber account card. Finally I got it, which means there’s definitely no way I’m not gonna get paid for all my written works. Then I went to the mall for my grocery shopping. The good thing about not having a structured job is that you can make everyday a weekend or a holiday. For the first time, I actually enjoyed grocery shopping. Today is a working day so the supermarkets were somewhat deserted. Browsing through the aisles was like being in a peaceful library. There were no annoying shoppers who would bump you with their heavy carts. No obnoxiously loud couples who would argue like they were just inside their bedrooms. No horribly long counter queues, no aisle traffics, no toddlers who would suddenly scream because their mommies won’t buy them those extra soft chocolate chip cookies. Believe it or not, I went through every aisle, checking out the items even though I would not actually buy all of them. It was like having a huge pantry all to myself. Ah, the beauty of solitude amidst such pleasures.

Indeed, having an office desk and a blinking computer inside gray walls is a very dangerous way to view the world. A two- day weekend is definitely never enough, I should know it, because I’ve been there and back. And the early Monday morning rush is not something to look forward to. It’s true, making a living does not run in parallel with having a life. But for most of us idiots who know nothing else, making a living is the closest we’ll ever gonna get to having a life. Again, little wonder why there are so many unhappy souls in this world.

Let’s hope I’m not speaking too soon here. Because somehow, the idiots are the people I love, and genuinely care for my future whether I want them to or not. Who knows, maybe I’m an idiot underneath- having a structured job, short weekends, annoying bosses, well-connected officemates all equates to a perfect life. Maybe, ten years from now, I’ll look back and remember the idealistically foolish and headstrong girl who wasn’t strong enough to find, and to fight for her rightful place in the world. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll wither and grow wrinkles after spending a youthful life inside gray, air-conditioned walls, faking smiles to people I’d rather give a piece of my mind to. Because in this country and age, idealism does not always work. It may work, but not without tear and mucus stained tissues, frustration after frustration, and people thinking you’ve gone entirely mad.

Why can’t every day be a holiday? Because if truth be told, people deserve all the holidays they can get. I know I deserve it, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I’ll start my new year by treating myself to seven holidays per grueling week. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Seven Holidays per Week”

  1. nash Says:

    Who wouldn’t want everyday to be a holiday!?!? I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself much nowadays…at least dli nka mgCge ug bagutbot about smo mga oldies na officemates. Wishing you a more grand time with your work now…miss you fren πŸ™‚ luoy kyo Maya kay giingnan ra sya na THE OM/Director have yet to decide whether to hire her or not, but at least there’s a bigger chance she will get the job sa Xlibris. Adto sya IT park today mglaag-laag lang and by tomorrow she might apply sa Convergys πŸ™‚

  2. Aimee Says:

    hehehehe. yeah frend, im havin quite a grand time. write, eat, sleep, browse the net, shop in a less crowded mall during working days, larag with fwends- definitely lesser pressure! And in my job now, I really get appreciated. whew! I hope this could last forever, and sana bigger na my pay. πŸ™‚ wink wink… anyways, yeah nag YM mi kadali ni maya ganina, wala daw cya dawat xlib coz she didn’t have any calllcenter training. whatta bummer. ipa try daw cya sa Western Wats or sa E-telecare. Ok japun ang pay there, though graveyard shifts japun. hopefully maka laag ko dha πŸ™‚

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