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If Men Were to Design a Bra December 13, 2007

Filed under: Strange Men,Women — Aimee @ 8:22 am

men_bra1.jpg This had me laughing today. Oh well, at least it kept my mind off the monotony of my job. Perhaps Wacoal should look into this. Look at how the design actually lifts the bust. Men, men. Always the same naughty, notorious bunch.


12 Responses to “If Men Were to Design a Bra”

  1. nash Says:

    hahaha…naughty, really naughty!!!

  2. Aimee Says:

    yeah, so so funny. bwehehehehe. anyway, today is our christmas party frend, we’ll be taveling to CDO after lunch. i don’t feel like going actually. if it weren’t for that stupid travel order, id just go straight home or watch some movie at the mall. what’s so fun about bingo and catered food? DUH!

  3. nash Says:

    super early lagi inyo party??? wen man diay is the vacation? could they not think of another gimmick…my gosh, hapit nana mgkaapo ang BINGO nila…hehehe, regards Maya, mwuah!!!YM ta unya ha…safe travel frenship!!!

  4. maeya Says:

    at last!!! i finally got to visit your blog ( so stupid of me to misplace the piece of paper you wrote the site and too embarrassed to once again ask), thanks nalang you posted it on your friendster… i don’t have much time to read all your articles but this entry was SUPER eye catching!!! heheh… I have to agree with nash, so NAUGHTY!!!

  5. Aimee Says:

    helow mae, finally you stumbled on my blog, heheh. shuing you should have just asked me straight up oi, ka overan… bitaw na kita ko ra ni sa internet and i just couldn’t resist posting it.. hahaha. at least we all had a good laugh. toinkz! ;-O

  6. boby Says:

    i like this concept..!!

  7. CK Moloy Says:

    It’s really funny; I never ever happen 2 see such amused; after all the concept deserve 2 thanx a lot!!!!!!

  8. CK Moloy Says:

    Can any one suggest how I go thru this kind of ‘BLOG’

    Thanx a lot!!!

  9. Cas Says:

    i lke this design. pointless to be a bra and hide the craftsmanship and creativity of the designer. makes for an interesting bikini though. definite conversation starter.

  10. jhona Says:

    ang cute…not exactly naughty..

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