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Kitchen Dreams December 9, 2007

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Is it possible to dream of spices? To suddenly be attacked by a yearning to smell and taste all the things that make a kitchen a hallowed refuge? The scent of cinnamon, the perfume of vanilla, the pungency of black peppercorns, the aroma of oregano, the tanginess of roasted green bell peppers, the golden pool of melted butter, the dizzying fragrance of fried garlic, and even the simple joy of cutting up baby carrots into lovely juliennes.

Then there is the sweet-smelling raw dough of chocolate chip cookies, and the black elegance of a triple-chocolate brownie mixture, before the oven fires turn them into their succulent, glutinous, nutty goodness. And if a bowl of leafy greens and a generous sprinkling of ripe tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, yellow capsicum strips should remind us of anything, it would be of languorous summer mid-mornings, when you would want to jolt out of the bed covers, and gladly run off to bathe under a tropical waterfall.

Even the pale pink blush of fresh tuna is a stirring sight, and when you sprinkle black pepper and rock salt on them, squeeze some lemon juice (or even our local lemonsito) over, wrap them in foil with a bit of lemongrass, and grill them over hot coals, they turn into slightly browned, juicy fillets that go very well with a nice cup of steamed white rice.

My daydreams these past weeks are of a cozy yet spacious kitchen with beautiful cabinets and huge French windows, a well-stocked pantry that houses some of the rarest finds in any supermarkets, and a mini-library that keeps my favorite cookbooks and biographies of Nigella, Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, and David Rocco, and a compilation of all the lists of herbs and spices from around the globe. I hope to have my library of herbs and spices too, especially the ones that I do not have as yet, like the expensive saffron, the elusive rosemary, and everything else that I can smell and sprinkle for comfort on long, hideous days. To have a teeming supply of extra virgin olive oil, bittersweet chocolate bars, velvety red wine, and plump, blushing strawberries. I shall hope to have a kitchen with cookie jars and chopsticks, bread baskets and crystal wine glasses, wooden spoons and oil vessels, even an authentic pizza stone.

And if no one objects, I shall gladly push my sofa chairs and coffee tables to the kitchen, have some friends come over, then dance and cook and eat the warm night away…


4 Responses to “Kitchen Dreams”

  1. nash Says:

    i sure hope to see you cooking in your dream-kitchen someday, and have a taste of your palatable dishes. see you in less than two weeks time…mwuah!!!

  2. Aimee Says:

    Thanks frend. I hope, wish, and pray for a state-of-the-art kitchen jud, ambot why ganahan kau ko… mau pa mag kusinera nalang ko! chef nalang para sosyal. hahahah! cyah very soon!

  3. nash Says:

    why not!?! papa Chad’s tummy would be very happy and satisfied…sosyalan bya nangCHEF gurl..aha ka ana CHEF na, WRITER pa jud!!! mwuah!mwuah! i’ve bought your gift already, you should like it or else!!! i haven’t found anything for Maya yet…duh!!!maybe i’ll just buy something cute for the big lady…hehehe

  4. Aimee Says:

    gosh, pressure, pressure. haven’t been gift shopping yet, heheheheh. my sked’s crazy, if i could just take a leave for 1 week! don’t wori, il get you one before christmas. hope ill like what you got for me! cge overtime sa mi, yearend rush.. tikker :>

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