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no “jingle bells” November 14, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aimee @ 3:53 am

We have not even put up the Christmas tree yet. And to think that it’s almost the third week of November. As of this time last year, the tree had already been adorned and lighted, the mistletoes hung on the door, the belen set up on the console, and the curtains and throw pillows dressed in whimsical holiday themes. This year, however, those huge storage boxes do not seem too inviting at all. The lethargy around the house is awfully thick these days, and no one has taken any enterprise in outfitting the house in time for Santa Claus’ holiday stopover.

Are we playing it cool, or are we just plain lazy? Or is dressing the house up just some kind of annual, perfunctory act predestined to peter out in time?

(Sigh.) Guess we are just being lazy.


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