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Happiness in Calories September 19, 2007

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I am saddened by the truth that nowadays, I can’t even say pointblank what my favorite food is. It has always been my belief that food plays a huge role in altering the human mood, as when a piece of good chocolate can almost instantly make me smile, after an episode of frenzied emotion. So it gives me great misery, however that it is a willful misery, depriving myself of my favorite foodstuffs, on account of all these info overload on healthy-eating, the big C, antioxidants, free radicals, blah blah. BLAH.

Why is it that I am always told ( yes, I care to listen) that eating too much of my favorite grain chips will give me kidney problems in the future, no matter that the packet is labeled “whole grain”, because the chips owe their kicking flavor to MSG? Since high school I have been drinking coffee, and have subsequently been loving it, but I have limited myself to not more than two cups per day, ever since that ridiculous afternoon when I complained of hyperventilation, sweaty palms, and gastric pains. I adore chocolate, especially the dark variety (for me, the darker, the better), but my Mom is adamant in reminding me that it was diabetes that took my father’s life six years ago, and that chocolates sold anywhere has enough sugar in it, otherwise they wouldn’t be marketable or categorized as a dessert. Frozen delights are second on my list after chocolate, but because of the perennial weight issue (pants that get too tight, tops that barely skim the waist, and bras that wouldn’t close properly), I simply cannot have more than the frustrating single serving.

Having gone to the grocery this week past, I was tempted to try out some yogurt instead, but for some funny reason, I was suddenly attacked by guilt. How in the world can I betray ice cream, unhealthy calories and all, when it had comforted me during my tumultuous college days, and had kept me sane throughout all those hellish summer afternoons?

Mayonnaise and Thousand Island have always been my favorite dressings, but after realizing that a big dollop heaps about 110 calories, I had been meaning to try out mustard instead. While pasta is my preferred comfort food next to any rice dish, I have to watch myself whenever I take a second helping of lasagna or my mushroom penne rigate, because, with the 400 calories that a slice of lasagna harbors secretly, that would mean giving up that gooey good-old brownie for dessert.

Doughnuts, choco-chip cookies, wafers, and all the baked goodies in the world – all these are plumped up with trans fats. And according to studies, frequent consumption of these trans fats increases one’s risks for coronary heart disease, cancer, obesity, liver dysfunction, and even fertility in women! So, so if I want babies in the future, I should think twice about making my sweet taste buds happy. :s

Oh, the complications of healthy eating! What rhapsodies a chocolate can elicit from the depressed! Indeed, the road to obesity is paved with very good intentions.

Most days now, my diet consists of fish, sautéed gulay, and even the occasional beef and pork. As for fruits, I love mangosteen, strawberries, and ripe mangoes. I still eat chocolate, but have given up stacking my little glass containers with those devilishly addictive brown stuff. I still drink coffee, and sometimes buy myself a small pack of those multi-grain chips at the nearby sari-sari store. I still have my pasta and taco takeouts but I know I can’t have it more than once per week. I have not been gaining weight; thank heavens, as I have been wont to think too much before eating anything.

However, I can’t say I am happier now than those days of many years ago, when I could devour mounds and mounds of mocha ice cream topped with thick chocolate shavings, gulp a tall glass of soda, and never count calories, never be guilt-stricken, never gain a pound.


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