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Paralysis September 14, 2007

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A fairly normal Friday; decided to travel home the following morning

Too much work can be paralyzing. Especially when you’re stuck with work you’re not really too passionate about. But then again, it’s not just work that can send you into a subjective paralysis — anything that you are not too passionate about, but that which you are unfortunately stuck with, is asphyxiating. A relationship you’re not too crazy about, a home you can’t even call a home, a spouse you can no longer connect with, a job that does not inspire you — all these can drag anyone down to the dregs of desolation. I can now imagine why there are too many unhappy people in this world. And it all started with the fact that most, if not all of them, made the wrong choices in the beginning.

A new graduate chooses the first job offered him thinking that he made a noteworthy decision, and sticks by it for years and years to come, duped into the notion that a highly secure, stable job is always enough. A girl gets courted by an affluent egomaniac, and eventually marries him, believing that love is merely found in books but never between two people, or worse believing that the egomaniac she married would actually change. A spoiled rotten child follows the dictates of his parents blindly, never knowing how to subsist without the comforts of home, even at the ripe age of forty plus years. Or the proud career woman who keeps on searching for the perfect man, that perfect mate she has so consciously fashioned in her subconscious, foolishly thinking that it does and can exist.

It’s just amazing how one choice can alter lives so drastically, and how the unwillingness of making one can stifle the very nature of what our lives are supposed to be: free, spontaneous, independent and impassioned; flawed and unpolished in some areas, but sublime all the same.


One Response to “Paralysis”

  1. Jane Says:

    You’re absolutely right!!!Nothing is much more exasperating than to be stuck in a job that you’re not passionate about.
    It seems like everyday is a torture for you. I could really relate
    to it coz that’s what happened to me right now. Yeah, it’s all part of a wrong choice just like the old maxim goes “Life is a
    matter of choice.

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