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A happy mind September 11, 2007

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September 11, 2007 4:30 pm
Raining for almost one solid hour; now the skies are the color of gray charcoal-

Whenever life gets me down, nothing uplifts me more than crafting my future with my own imagination. There is nothing more therapeutic than filling my mind with free and happy thoughts, as if I were feeding on an invisible cotton candy on a hot carnival day, while watching the Ferris wheel disappear into a swirl of lovely colors. Oftentimes, I would imagine myself having a wide garden, where I could grow orange colored roses on them, or having my own greenhouse at the back of my split level house, where I might grow my own herbs: thyme, rosemary, oregano, and lemon grass; and care for the most delicate breed of roses or orchids. I would also want to plant fire trees and pink cherry blossoms, so that on windy days, I could watch the falling leaves and petals dance in the air.

Whenever I get too lonely, like when most of my friends are either married or had babies to put to bed; or when the cold weather here in the mountains get to me and I suddenly miss my Mom and siblings, and even my adorable poodle-pug dog, I often send them short text messages or electronic mails (except for my dog, that is) and almost instantly it would be like there was no distance between us. Oftentimes too, I would call my friends and S.O. ( read: significant other) and we’d spend long hours conversing about anything that strikes our fancy, and afterwards I would curl up in bed with a good read or watch Fox series on my player.

But then again, nothing makes me feel better than using my imagination, and a bit of optimism on the side, too. I would imagine a time when I and my friends could suddenly come together for dinner at my own place, and I would be preparing everything on the table, from the appetizer to the dessert. I do not claim to be a really good cook but I do get compliments on my cooking now and then, and I would love to prepare a feast for my friends, or even a brunch on a warm Sunday morning for my family, where we can all sit together and laugh like little children.

Of course I still have many dreams/ imaginings or happy thoughts stacked away in my secret pocket and I would love to talk about them next time. Until then, I shall have to watch the rain, and listen to its silent stories.


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