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January 27, 2012

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Originally posted almost 2 years ago. I just miss Bukidnon. :-/

Saccharine Irony

I spent the weekend in one of my favorite places in the world, Malaybalay, a small city of pine trees and streams, seated deep into the heart of Bukidnon province.

A year after I graduated from college, I took up a work assignment in this small city for three straight years, until I decided to come home and take up another career.  Yet, the city has always held very distinct memories for me.  Every cafe, park, and street corner tells a story;  and even the stars, brighter than those in the smog-filled city, have their own tales to tell.

I traveled over the weekend primarily to get some downtime – and take some really good pictures – so that’s exactly what I did. And it surely did not hurt that I was traveling with one of my bubbliest friends in the whole wide world, Nashy.  So it was laughter…

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Have Some Fun Will Ya?

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Because I was too happy with my midterm exam on Essay Reading and Writing and because I just wanted to do it, I walked under the rain today on my way home. And then I realized it’s been quite a while since I did something spontaneous just for the fun of it. Like heading to the beach on a weekday afternoon or watching a movie alone in a dark theater or buying a book just because the cover looked really pretty. Did I just suddenly grow up or get boring? I used to do these stuff years ago, when I thought being irresponsible was fun.

But here I correct myself. I used to do all these because I was bored and trying too hard to be irresponsible. But these days boredom is an alien concept altogether. I guess it comes with maturity or whatever, but when you get older you don’t really get bored anymore – at this point in your life you’re supposed to already know how to amuse yourself, even if all you have with you is a ball of string. So walking under the rain was pointless really, but I had fun, and after that easy peasy exam it was all I could do to celebrate.

Because once I get home it’s all work and work and more studying. Responsibility! I have several pages and product descriptions to write for my creative copy writing job, five short stories to reread and dissect, and a take-home midterm exam to finish before the day is over. Remind me again why I enrolled in post-graduate literature studies. :p

So a quick snap of my messy study desk (If it’s work I work out of a desktop). A copy of Katherine Mansfield’s The Fly, a pink fluffy pen to remind me that life can be soft and fluffy, a real pen (pointy and not at all fluffy), a notebook, and a bubble-blowing toy I stole from one of the loot bags at my nephew’s 1st birthday party two weeks ago.

Again, just for the fun of it.




Everything Chocolate on Chinese New Year January 25, 2012

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A few days after the Chinese New Year celebrations, I finally decided to update this long-dormant blog. My last blog post was from June of the previous year; a few days before two of my besties got married only nine days apart. After all the wedding-related stresses I finally had time to wean myself off my stupid diet and to get back to the usual daily grind. But I immersed myself in so many things all at the same time (which is so characteristic of me, what else) – work, baking experimentation, supervising house renovations, MA studies, volunteer work  – that the only time I had left was for bathing and sleeping (meals had to be devoured OTG or On The Go). I loved the craziness and the busy-ness of course, but  I figured  it could not go on forever. So now while waiting for new projects from my very good boss and while exam week is finally coming to a close, I finally found some downtime to do the things I love, with real indulgence.

So on Chinese New Year, which was declared a national holiday on January 23, I thought about going the sweet and indulgent route, not wanting to commemorate the day buying or frying the traditional glutinous stuff known as Niangao or Chinese New Year’s cake. From around here, the stuff is better known as tikoy, which Chinese stores sell by the boxes.

I had some new flour from last Christmas and a huge dark sweet chocolate bar and some powdered cocoa too, so Moist Chocolate Cupcakes was the order of the day! Topped with chocolate butter cream ganache, the cuppies were heavenly.

After about 20 minutes in the oven and after spreading the ganache I readied the little darlings for a photo shoot. Splintered almonds added a nice contrast to the light brown ganache.

But I was a bit bothered by the ganache; too runny when topped on the cupcakes, and no other directions were given from the recipe other than to spread them so I was worried about having done something wrong in the first place. So I scooped the remaining buttercream ganache into a plastic container and forgot about it in the fridge for an entire day.

One day later, and I was spreading beautifully textured ganache on these moist chocolate cupcakes! I don’t know why I never even thought of chilling it for a bit in the fridge, but that solved the runny-ness altogether. I think leaving it in the fridge to set for about an hour or two is good before frosting the cupcakes with them.

A few splintered almonds and a 30-year old Japanese plate later, I was able to take a really pretty picture in natural light.

Now I’m sipping Chinese green tea to balance out the day’s overwhelming sweetness.

Happy New Year, people. 🙂


On Reading June 18, 2011

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There is always that profound joy to be had by reading, and one day when you’re old and graying, when all your children start living their own lives, when the only possibility you have left is to travel with your mind, you will find that the best books can take you places, and you never had to feel lonely again.



A Happy Bridesmaid February 8, 2011

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So two of my bestest girlfriends are getting married in four months and I will be a  bridesmaid for both and part wedding planner for both. Although I don’t like admitting this loudly, I do love weddings. Simple weddings, ostentatious weddings, outrageous weddings – I love all of them. There is always that happy anticipation in the air, and all for an occasion that celebrates the commitment of two people who have chosen to love one another when they could very well fall for someone else (Love is a magical thing for a few years, maybe, but beyond that, it becomes more of a choice, which makes commitment very important).

The best part of any wedding ceremony for me is the bridal march, where you see the bride, in all her regal whiteness, walk down the aisle while a love song serenades everyone. I always try not to cry all over my dress during these times, but I always get teary-eyed at least. These people are in love, you know. Even though they may stop loving each other 10 years, 20 years down the road, you know at least  that on that day, on that hour, these people are in love. They are committing themselves to a lifetime of one another. Marriage after all takes courage; it is often a blind leap into an unknown sugar-coated as forever.

That, for me, is a huge, HUGE thing.

So to say that I am a happy bridesmaid is an understatement. Many girls grumble about being the perpetual bridesmaid and never the bride; but I always take on my bridesmaid role happily and excitedly. Of course I do want to wear a white gown someday and pledge my life to a worthy another, but this doesn’t make me any less happy being a bridesmaid.  I love helping my best girlfriends plan on one of the most memorable days of their lives. I like seeing them through to their happily-ever-afters. And while I always fancy wearing pretty bridesmaid dresses, the thing that makes me the happiest is being there with them at a time when they are presumably at their happiest.

Someday, one day, when I get to have my own happy ending, I do want them to be there for me too. Because that’s what best girlfriends do – happily taking on the role of bridesmaid or a wedding planner, or an impromptu coordinator and speaker when the other is a glowing, blushing bride. 🙂


Love Month, Love Bug February 1, 2011

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Today we welcome the first day of the love month. Hello, February!



I can’t wait for summer! 😀


This Thing Called Faith January 28, 2011

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Faith is everything. It is not an illusion, it is not something that you are compelled to believe in because others tell you to, it does not relate to religion alone. Faith is the silent force that leads you from one place to another, it is the strength that you unknowingly hold on to when nothing else is working. It builds hope, it bolsters peace, it keeps humility, it nurtures love. Faith is not the way of the blind or of fools. What good is your wisdom if you have not faith?

Faith is everything because you have it in you all this time, even without you knowing about it.

You retire to bed each night knowing that you will wake up the next morning. – That is faith.

You send your toddler to school knowing that she’ll have a happy time wrestling toys with other kids, and then getting home safely later in the afternoon to tell you all about it. – That is faith.

You choose someone to love not knowing for certain if things will work for the long term, but you try to make things work anyway because you know you are doing the right thing, and because you are happy. – That is faith.

You try to craft your life the best way you can, but you know you don’t control anything. You are a speck in the universe, an important speck may be, but a speck nonetheless. Your wisdom has limits. You don’t have all the answers. But you believe a greater force is at work. – That is faith.

People build bridges, design skyscrapers, make discoveries, go to work day in and day out, save for the rainy days, get married, have babies, plan for their retirement.

Why? Because they know the earth will keep on spinning, that sunrise will give way to sunset, then sunrise again. Because they know their children will grow up to be adults and bless them with grandchildren.

Without any spoken assurances.

Faith. Silent and entrenched. You fade away when you don’t have it.

There is no assurance that the sun will rise tomorrow, or that your toddler will come home after a long day at school, or that your love story will have a happy ending. But you believe in your heart that they will and unknowingly you do things that lead to another sunrise, another day spent in shrieking laughter, another page in that story. That is faith.

Things may not be at their peachiest right now, you may have a pressing question that doesn’t have the slightest semblance of an answer, or you may be at an ugly crossroad just when everyone else is having a grand time. Faith allows you to see beyond any goal you have set, any expectation you have ever made, any dream you have designed. You may not have gotten that promotion at work or your friend may have tossed your feelings recklessly, but you know eventually you’ll have your place in the sun, you’ll have your time. Things will be fine.

If you have not faith, you’ll never get to that peachy place you have in your head.

Everything else is secondary.